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Emma & Graham Swain

What do I have to carry in my car?

There are lots of different things that people say you have to carry in your car. Here we are going to explain what the law states should be carried. The original law of has been modified many times. Firstly the law that was published on the 26th of January 1999 stated that the following had to ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

Q. I have a 2003 Mondeo TDCI that has been spewing out thick black smoke whilst cold & although it starts it doesn’t always accelerate. Once ...Full Article

What to do if you breakdown

You are the best person to judge your own safety in a breakdown situation. However the following points should help you make a more informed decision ...Full Article

Regular maintenance checks

It pays to give the car a good check over every couple of weeks – you could prevent a breakdown and perhaps a large, unwelcome bill. ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

Q. I have a 1950 Morris Oxford. The coil heats up after running her for a while. I’ve put a new coil on but it’s heating ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

Q. I have an Audi A4 2.0 TDI (2008). My engine management light came on and I’ve been told the code means I need a new ...Full Article


From the 1st of November 2012, a new EU ruling has been enforced where, all new tyres sold have to have an informative sticker which states ...Full Article

Frequently asked questions

A. My scenic dynamique 2004 won’t start when I push the key card in and press the start button, it sounds like it wants to start ...Full Article

Medication, how does it affect our driving?

Many medications even over the counter ones have side effects that can affect our ability to drive correctly, as our reactions can be reduced. All medications ...Full Article

Poor vehicle maintenance

A recent study has revealed that most drivers fail to check even the most basic parts of their cars and in the majority of the cases ...Full Article
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