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Health News

Knee pain and other running injuries

Running injuries can affect anyone, from experienced runners who push themselves hard, to beginners whose muscles are not used to running.Full Article

Dental implants? First think about which clinic you are going to choose

Dental implants are, today and according to experts, the best solution to the loss of teeth.Full Article

The surgical treatment of Pterygium

This article contains the information about the reasons, conditions, results, risks and limitations of the surgical treatment of pterygium. Pterygium is a benign, not cancerous, wing shaped (“petyrigion” is the ...Full Article

Give your teeth a sporting chance as athletic study reveals surprising results

Half of British elite athletes have untreated cavities and 77 per cent have gingivitis   Much has been talked about this World Cup of Mbappé, Griezmann, Modric or Kane; from the ...Full Article

Health chiefs issue ten major tips to stay safe in hot weather

Spain has activated its National Plan of Preventive Actions to combat the adverse effects of hot weather and it will remain active until September 15th.Full Article

Fighting off jet lag

Jet lag refers to disturbed sleep patterns, weakness and disorientation caused by travelling. It happens when your normal body clock is disrupted by travelling through several time zones.Full Article

Life changes when dealing with cancer

I am not going to pretend to be an expert when it comes to dealing with, treating or facing cancer. I have lost many people near and dear to this ...Full Article

Kidney failure: some key questions answered

Kidney failure is where the kidneys are less able to remove toxic wastes and remove excess water. The condition tends to get worse over a period of years. Chronic ...Full Article

The effects of a healthy diet begin in the mouth

When my father, a conservative retiree whose main hobby is to grow his own garden, confessed to me that all his vegetables were organic, I said to myself: “Our eating ...Full Article


The liver is an organ that can be underestimated in its importance. It is possible that you associate the liver getting in trouble in cases of alcohol abuse, or maybe ...Full Article
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