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Tools 2.0 of the digital age in dental clinics

On October 19th, 200 doctors from around the world remained for almost two hours in front of their computer watching and listening to a live broadcast from Puerto de la Cruz. You couldn’t see faces, they could only hear a voice and saw the presentation that Dr. Víctor Cubillo, dentist at the Artedental clinic, had prepared for them.Full Article

How to safeguard your hearing

1. Use earplugs The louder the noise and the longer you’re exposed to it, the greater the chance of damaging your hearing. Protect your ears with ear protectors – ...Full Article

Is it safe to fly with a perforated eardrum?

Yes, it is safe to fly with a perforated eardrum. But if you’ve had surgery to repair a perforated eardrum (myringoplasty), you shouldn’t fly until your doctor or surgeon ...Full Article

A raised itchy rash could be urticaria

Urticaria – also known as hives, weals, welts or nettle rash – is a raised, itchy rash that appears on the skin. It may appear on one part of ...Full Article

This is what you SHOULD be eating to help your teeth and mouth

Doctors at Artedental, the prestigious clinic which specialises in dental implants, tells us about foods which are good for our oral health. The fact that there is an increase ...Full Article

Lactose intolerant or not?

Lactose intolerance is a common digestive problem where the body is unable to digest lactose, a type of sugar mainly found in milk and dairy products. Symptoms of lactose ...Full Article

Should you lose weight fast?

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s tempting to want results as fast as possible. But losing weight fast is unlikely to help you keep the weight off – ...Full Article

Ten tips for swallowing pills

1. Moisten your mouth with saliva or water beforehand (a dry mouth makes swallowing harder). 2. Place the pill in the centre of your tongue, and lengthways along your ...Full Article

When seeing double signals an eye problem

Double vision (medically known as diplopia) is seeing two images of a single object. The two images may be one on top of the other, side by side, or ...Full Article

Steps to protect your fertility

Age is an important factor when it comes to getting pregnant, especially for women, but everyone can help to protect their fertility. Even if babies are the last thing ...Full Article
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