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The noise of Veronicas

  Dear Editor As a regular visitor to Tenerife, I seem to be unlucky when it comes to fights home. On two occasions within the last 12 months, my evening flights (both with Monarch) were cancelled after waiting for a number of hours at the south airport. On both occa-sions, we weren’t told until about 11pm.Full Article

Heartbreak of animal cruelty

  Dear Editor What on earth is wrong with the people in Tenerife? Over the last few weeks, I have been absolutely horrified to read story after story about ...Full Article

Make these “artists” pay

  Dear Editor You asked for views about grafitti so here is mine. Make those responsible wash it off and hopefully it will take them hours to do so ...Full Article

Coloured paint for pavement dog mess

  Time for Tenerife to present a united front. Dogs! Most of us love them but there’s no doubt they are kicking up quite a stink in Tenerife. Whether ...Full Article

Barking dogs are a nuisance

  Dear Editor A lot of people write to your paper about dog mess but what about barking dogs? I think these also cause a big nuisance in Tenerife, ...Full Article

What about breakfast time?

  Dear Editor I really must agree with all your comments about the need for Sunday opening in Tenerife. What I would like to say in this letter is ...Full Article

Why the odd one out?

  Dear Editor I have written to the Tenerife News before about the very frustrating Ryanair website. Regular readers may recall that I bemoaned their so-called security system which ...Full Article

Holiday lets now forgotten?

  Dear Madam Could someone please let us know what has happened about the so-called clamp-down on illegal holiday lettings? Just a few months ago, all the papers were ...Full Article

The Real Mrs. Miniver by Ysenda Maxtone Graham

  The film, Mrs. Miniver, was a wartime classic. It took America by storm and won five Oscars. It was a war film, though with a difference in that ...Full Article

Puerto Diary

  Two untimely deaths over the Christmas period near to where I live, both of which have a story to tell. The first, that of a local man who ...Full Article
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