|Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Ken Bennett

Driver’s miracle escape as tyre flies off on motorway!

A shocked Los Gigantes resident has told of his miracle escape driving on a motorway when he was overtaken  – by the front wheel of his own luxury vehicle. The 68-year-old business-man, who resides on the island part of the year and  the UK, does not want to be named but he talked exclusively to Tenerife ...Full Article

Proud British welcome for the American minister who loves Spain

The proud red and white colours  of England  mingled  with the Stars and Stripes when the quiet American rolled into town. The Rev David Bruce, who ...Full Article

A life of contrasts: Tenerife v the UK but who is your winner?

Take a long hard look at these pictures … Can they fail to remind you of something? Yes: winter and spring back at home in the ...Full Article

A tale of two squares

Talking  of contrasts, here  is a tale of two squares. One is the bright, newly created, beautifully tiled mini- plaza tucked under the road that sweeps ...Full Article

Sheer magic: an awesome journey from the centre of the earth

The unique experience offered by the Cave of the Wind. IT was in every way a defining, heart-thumping moment on our journey from the centre of ...Full Article

Unkept, unfinished and untidy! Residents’ verdict on popular plaza

Dissilusioned  residents in one of Tenerife’s most charismatic beauty spots  say unfinished work in  the main square is in danger of  turning it into  a “grot ...Full Article

Garachico, the town which rose out of the ashes

The gentle tripping of horses hoofs bounce off the walls and verandas of a town dubbed the unluckiest in Tenerife. Sitting in a sublime square in ...Full Article

Nostalgia as Los Gigantes loses plaza lanterns

There is something very curious in the human psyche as to why we don’t actually miss something we take for granted … until it disappears. For years, ...Full Article

How a special man encourages us all to be curious

The recent Starmus Festival in Tenerife was a huge success but what about the untold stories behind it and the organisers? Suddenly, the giant concert hall ...Full Article
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