Paragliding death renews concern

Grave concern is being expressed about the number of paragliding accidents which are happening in the Canary Islands.

Tenerife and Lanzarote are said to be leading the way in the table of statistics which were added to last week with the death of a 40-year-old French man.

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Annoying nuisance calls

Dear Editor

Are other readers totally fed-up with nuisance calls? I know I am!

What I would like to know is why this is happening more and more in the Canary Islands and how on earth do these cold callers get our numbers?

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Hiker hurts leg

A German woman, aged 61, was rescued by the air and land emergency services after a fall in La Laguna.

The woman was out walking in the area of Roque Dos Hermanos when she fell and hurt her leg.

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Ugly unfinished buildings

Dear Editor

We read with interest the letter in your last edition about the eye-sore building on the beach of Los Cristianos.

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Trafficking of young women

Dear Editor,

Sirs, I recently read your interesting paper whilst on holiday and noted the article concerning the trafficking of young women by criminal gangs to the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Your islands are not alone with this problem- it is endemic all over the world and the victims tend to be uneducated, or come from ecomonically deprived countries. The sad reality is that these [...]

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New bike park opens with thrilling display

A new skate and bike park has been opened in San Juan de la Rambla.

The local council took the opportunity of the “Day of the Bicycle” to formally open the facility which is located in calle Fiscal Temístocles Díaz Llanos de San José.

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Alleged rape “appears on internet”

A distressing story has emerged about the alleged rape of a young girl from the Candelaria area, followed by video footage of the crime posted on the internet.

The attack, according to a Spanish newspaper, took place last April but the mother of the victim has only recently found out.

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Tomb raiders plunder ancient site in Spanish city

Relic hunters who plundered a medieval Islamic tomb hid skeletal remains and pieces of mosaic in the middle of a field.

The gang plundered an archaeological site in the Spanish city of Écija where several ancient Greek and Roman settlements had been discovered. Its history dates back to the times of Julius Caesar.

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All Saints church news

Please note the next car boot is Saturday April 11th.

After the success of our previous Car Boots we are all looking forward to the next one which will be as shown above a week later than usual, this is due to the most important event in the Churches calendar Easter. These are held in the Church grounds starting at 11.30am.

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Divorce rate still high in the Canaries

Applications in the Canary Islands for divorces fell 2.5 per cent in 2014, from 7,203 to 7,024, while annulments were the same as the previous year, a total of four, according to the General Council of the Judiciary .

However, the archipelago is the region with more demands for marital dissolution per thousand inhabitants.

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