MiradasDoc Market invites entries for promising documentaries

Budding film producers are being urged to turn their attention to the international festival MiradasDoc which takes place in Guia de Isora in November.

The MiradasDoc Market is an important part of this event and could lead to creators of documentaries taking a very major step in their future careers.

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Enjoy a summer of artistic creations in Los Realejos

Yoga, singing, theatre, embroidery, photography, ceramics and animation. All these and more will be keeping people entertained in Los Realejos this summer.

Applications are now being accepted for a range of courses run by the municipality’s Artistic School in the Casa de las Artes.

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Leave our rocks alone, appeals Lanzarote!

It may seem rather unbelievable but this amazing fact is very true and also potentially, very harmful to the environment.

On average, each week, visitors to Lanzarote are plundering 500 kilograms of volcanic rock to take home as a souvenir. And this is just the amount found by the police in cars rented by tourists!

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Meat on a sword at Churrasquería Novillo de Prata

Living or taking a holiday in Tenerife is very much about exploring new places, discovering different landscapes and eating out in unusual places, often away from the tourist areas.

Those who regularly visit the north of the island will almost certainly remember El Rodeo in Tacoronte, the restaurant where waiters serve you in a very distinctive style by carving meat for you at your table off [...]

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Summer workshop for young people

Young people from Los Realejos are being invited to take part in summer workshops which turn the spotlight on important issues relating to teenagers.

The initiative is being organised by the local council through its youth department under the banner of “Edu-cación en valores” (“Education in values”).

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Women forced into prostitution with “yuyu vudu” rites

Women captured in Nigeria were forced into prostitution in Lanzarote and Palma de Mallorca and had to swear oaths under “yuyu vudu”, police have revealed.

The women had to go through rituals and a ceremony which included the sacrifice of animals and cutting off pieces of their nails and pubic hair.

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Latest drugs find: cocaine hidden inside cans of fruit drink

Drug traffickers are continuing to use all kinds of ways to try and smuggle their caches in and out of Spain.

Hot on the heels of officers discovering a huge amount of cocaine hidden inside scooped-out pineapples, another haul has been found inside cans of fruit drinks.

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Creator of Lanzarote’s underwater Atlantic Museum to star in London

An artist who is creating an incredible underwater world in Lanzarote is involved in another major project in London.

Pioneering Jason DeCaires Taylor is already hard at work in his studio on the island, making real-life sculptures of people and groups which will be permanently fixed under the ocean bed for the enjoyment of divers.

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Singer marking 50 years to perform in Lanzarote

Tickets have gone on sale for a concert in Lanzarote by Spanish musician, singer and songwriter, Joan Manuel Serrat.

He will be on the island on Tuesday, June 30th for a 9pm start in the Arrecife insular theatre.

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Rajoy pledges work for 20 million people by 2019

The Spanish Government is aiming to have 20 million people in work by 2019.

Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy said only then would it be possible to speak about a “full recovery” from six and a half years of job destruction.

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