Viva the King! How Elvis lives on in the Canaries

It’s hard to believe how the years have rolled by since August 16th, 1977 but hundreds of thousands of people will still remember where they were and how they heard the news that Elvis Presley had died.

Just like the death of Diana, the Princess of Wales, it is a date which is engrained in history and yet his memory continues to live on, despite [...]

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Freight grants “open to fraud”

Warnings of potential fraud by freight carriers to and from the Canaries have been made by an official watchdog body.

The National Commission for Markets and Competition has criticised the present system which can provide grant aid of up to 70 per cent.

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“Golden Mile” project hailed as shining example for Canary Islands

A multi-million euro plan to bring a new-look to the so-called “Golden Mile” in Playa de Las Americas is being hailed as an example for others to follow.

Private and public cash is to pay for improvements, including the elimination of all parking along the road, wider pavements, more floral planters and 1,000 more parking spaces nearby.

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Social network appeal traces robbers

An appeal on the social network sites has helped to trace two people responsible for a violent robbery in Santa Cruz.

A woman out walking in the street found a lost bag but as she bent down to open it to find an address, a man ran past and snatched a purse, money and mobile phone. Then, a few seconds later, a woman also approached [...]

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Cooling systems (Part I)

The engine cooling system is a complex and invaluable part of the car and it is important to ensure that it is in a correct working order at all times to avoid a costly outcome. The mains parts of the cooling system are the radiator, engine coolant temperature sensor, cooling system hoses, expansion bottle, heater matrix, water pump, thermostat, antifreeze or coolant liquid and cooling [...]

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Can you recommend an inexpensive fault code reader that will work on most popular makes and models?

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Divers die off coast of El Berriel

There was tragedy on Gran Canaria when two divers got into difficulties and both died.

Prolonged efforts were made to save them but to no avail. An investigation was immediately opened.

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Come and see the wine!

If you enjoy anything to do with wine, news from the Bodega Comarcal Valle de Güímar will certainly be of interest.

It’s time to harvest and the aroma of fermenting will be in the air, followed by new wine. exciting times for all.

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Great fighting earns Cyrano the gold

Two young boxers who train in Playa de Las Americas have been scoring success at national level.

Cyrano Lorenzo Romero, who was born in Fuerte-ventura but now lives in Arona, became champion of Spain in the youth category at a tournament in Murcia.

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Parking “gorillas” generate complaints

Motorists in Santa Cruz are still being plagued by so-called parking “gorillas” who cause intimidation and alarm.

In just one week alone, police officers dealt with 18 complaints from citizens who had been approached by unauthorised parking valets and asked to pay for their service. In many cases, these people appear to be officials but are not and often molest or harass their victims.

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