Visitor numbers soar as Canaries toast bumper year

The Canary Islands are on course for a bumper tourism year, according to new figures.

Foreign visitor numbers for all the main islands were considerably up for the first six months of 2014, confirming the archipelago´s continuing appeal in the international holiday market.

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El Palm Mar, in a class of its own

Palm Mar or El Palm Mar as it is also known is only about ten minutes from Los Cristianos in one direction and Las Galletas in the other but it has its very own character.

Pretty, very green, surrounded by a nature reserve for walks or running, great for bike rides, a fantastic sea-front, stunning views and so much more. It is a really great [...]

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Mother and son caught in Adeje

Police have arrested more fugitives trying to evade the law in Tenerife.

In the latest incident, a mother and son living in Adeje were arrested to answer allegations of drug trafficking and robbery.

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Don’t make your dog suffer this summer

The warnings come every year about NOT leaving your dogs in cars during the hot summer weather but it´s so important that it is worth repeating.

When it’s 22°C/72°F outside, the temperature inside a car can reach 47°C/117°F within 60 minutes.

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Canary zones proposed for Natura 2000

The Spanish Government is proposing to incorporate 39 new marine protection areas into the European network of Natura 2000.

They will be designated ZEPAs or Special Protection Areas for Birds and several of them are in the Canary Islands.

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Hip Hop dance contest scoops the X-Factor

Organisers of the first-ever Hip Hop competition for the Canary Islands in September have revealed one of the star attractions will be a former X-Factor contestant.

Rocío Ruano has been invited over from London to Gran Canaria, where she was born, to perform on stage and to present her new album for the first time in the islands.

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Lidl addition creates 30 new jobs

Lidl has opened its new store in Puerto de Santiago, creating 30 new jobs.

The chain already has more than 18 branches in the Canary Islands and intends to add another two by the end of 2014.

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Yellow turtle causes drowning alert

A bright yellow turtle caused a frantic alert in Fasnia at the weekend after residents looking out of their window thought it was a woman drowning.

Its colouring was so vivid that horrified onlookers mistook it for someone’s bathing costume so the alarm was sounded and several sunbathers waded into the sea.

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Stars share basketball tips

The second Women’ s Basketball Camp 2014 proved a great success when held at Granadilla.

Coach Pablo Sánchez and top players, Leonor Rodríguez and Patricia Cabrera were delighted to welcome about 40 girls from all parts of the Canary Islands.

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Parking in Tenerife

Most people know where they can and cannot park but many choose to ignore signs and road markings that are shown when they are abroad.

In Spain it is illegal to park on a single yellow line, in a space reserved for a disabled person, unless you display a disabled badge, on zig-zag lines denoted for ” Carga y Descarga ” meaning loading and unloading [...]

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