New swipe travel card for Titsa from October

Tenerife Cabildo is to introduce a new bus travel swipe card with effect from October which will replace the present system.

The card, which users will not have to push into a machine, will replace the magnetic strip Bono card as used at present. It can also be used on the tram.

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Mafia gang hides cannabis stash in onions

A drug-running gang linked to the Italian mafia tried to put police off the scent by hiding a massive haul of cannabis amongst a mountain of onions!

They hoped sniffer dogs would be confused by the pungent smell of the vegetables but their ploy only ended in tears.

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Island seeks more occupants for technology park

Fuerteventura has started the process of attracting new technology companies to a pioneering site for the Canary Islands.

The Fuerteventura Technology Park ( Parque Tecnológico de Fuerteventura) is expected to attract widespread interest from businesses who would like to be among is first occupants.

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Facelift for bowls centre

El Rosario has pledged to continue improving and updating sports facilities in the municipality.

The local council’s latest project has involved painting and repairs of the bowls and petanque centre at Las Rosas.

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A suitable environment for mice

Do you keep mice? They can make lovely pets but like all animals, they do need proper looking after and the right environment.

These little creatures are highly motivated nest builders, using material to help body temperature regulation.

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Ravine rescue in Masca

There was a happy ending for two hikers who got lost whilst exploring the famous Masca ravine.

The 1-1-2 control centre was alerted to the two missing German men but they were found just before it got dark at around 7.40pm. Both were in their 70s.

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How you can drink your water quota every day

Your body needs water or other fluids to work properly and to avoid dehydration but just how much should we drink?

To stay healthy, it’s important to replace the fluid we lose when we breathe, sweat or urinate.

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Woman falls from fourth floor

Traffic was cut off in a part of Santa Cruz for more than an hour following the tragic death of a woman who fell from the fourth floor.

The incident happened in calle de Galcerán and was witnessed by several people who called the emergency services.

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Pigeon club honoured with La Orotava’s top accolade

A 50-year-old club in La Orotava has been praised and honoured for helping to keep the traditional sport of pigeon racing alive.

Club Colombófilo was presented with the municipality’s highest honour, the gold medal, in recognition of its work.

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Have a restful night with ten top tips

Simple lifestyle changes can make a world of difference to your quality of sleep.

Following these tips from The Sleep Council which can help you have a more restful night.

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