Graduates working below skill levels

Both Spain and the Canary Islands are suffering from a problem known as “sobre-education” or “over-education”.

Although the situation in the archipelago is not as bad as on the mainland, generally speaking, young people who have attended university are working below their quaifications. This is mainly as clerical assistants or in the service sector, sales and catering.

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La Laguna taxis agree flat rate charge

It’s a frustration for many people in Tenerife that the same taxi journey can cost different amounts.

This will no longer be the case in La Laguna, however, where drivers have reached a flat rate agreement which became effective on August 1st.

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Tennis champions at Jardin Tecina

The 29th edition of a tennis tournament once again proved a great success on La Gomera.

The Hotel Jardín Tecina – Goodrive Canarias annual competition was organised by Humberto Sapere and included various categories for men and women.

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El Médano warning over anti-social behaviour

Granadilla council has warned it will take action against individuals or establishments causing a nuisance through loud noise or music.

Residents who live around the plaza del Galicia in El Médano say they have been complaining about one particular location for years but nothing has been done.

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Quinsy, a rare but serious infection

If someone told you they had quinsy, would you know what it is?

Also known as a peritonsillar abscess, it is a complication of tonsillitis that is left untreated.

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Get fit on new equipment

The next time you visit El Socorro beach in Los Realejos, you will notice new updated outdoor gym equipment.

As part of its quest to improve facilities at this popular area, the local council has invested 6,500 euros in replacing the old apparatus with four to six new pieces. They are made in weather-resistant material so they will last longer against the elements.

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Phone advice revives choking baby

A tiny baby was saved from choking, thanks to the timely intervention of the Canary Emergency Service and her mother’s cool head.

The incident happened on Gran Canaria and involved a little girl of just three months of age.

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Fatigue could be part of CFS

It’s estimated that around 250,000 people in the UK alone have CFS which is sometimes called “myalgic encephalopathy”. Encephalopathy means a condition that affects brain function.

CFS is a serious condition that can cause long-term illness and disability but many people – particularly children and young people – improve over time.

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Canaries will fight any cuts in school meal aid

The Canary Government has denied any suggestion that it intends to privatise the canteens of public schools.

Minister of Education, José Miguel Pérez said this was definitely not the case and in any event, some schools had already outsourced the service. By law, they were also unable to employ more staff and had just enough money to cope with replacements.

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Beware of scams promising lost riches

The dangers of being duped by emails promising a lost fortune or a lottery win have been hit home by a massive Spanish police operation with 84 arrests and a multi-million euro gain.

These scams, known as “Nigerian Letters”, have been around for some time and take a number of different forms, including claims that you have been left an inheritance or even that a [...]

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