“Come to Santa Cruz” returns on April 12th

The “Come to Santa Cruz” initiative aimed at revitalising Sunday trade is to return on April 12th.

This will begin a series of dates under the 2015 programme which will see the majority of shops in the centre open their doors and various events such as gastronomy, sport, culture, music and entertainment.

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Bike event to become an annual attraction

A new event in San Juan de la Rambla which brought together a huge number of cyclists is expected to become an annual attraction.

“Día de la Bicicleta: Pedalea por la Igualdad” (“Day of the Bicycle: Pedal for Equality”) was a huge success and involved people of all ages. More than 300 children and adults took part in two cycle routes which were followed by entertainment [...]

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Santa Cruz welcomes Chile team

Tenerife has once again been chosen by elite athletes for important training sessions.

Santa Cruz was delighted to welcome the women’s basketball team from Chile. The athletes were on the island for technical coaching ahead of an Olympic qualifier.

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Silver honour for iconic La Orotava carnival group

A carnival group which is currently celebrat- ing its 40th anniversary has been honoured by La Orotava.

The local council unani-mously agreed that “Los Virgueritos” should receive the municipality’s silver medal in recognition of its outstanding contributions.

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La Palma is the star as February sees increased figures for Canaries

The Canary Islands are continuing to pull in a massive number of foreign tourists to maintain a record-breaking winter season.

During February, the archipelago welcomed 1,013,763 foreign passengers, representing an increase of 1.83 per cent on the same month of 2014.

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What to do if your child has an accident

Most young children have some injuries and accidents. Most will be minor but it’s sensible to know what to do if the accident or injury is more serious.

If your child has something lodged firmly in their nose or ear, leave it where it is. If you try to remove it, you may push it further in. Take your child to the nearest accident and emergency [...]

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Robbers caught through “selfie” on stolen phone

A dozy thief who denied all knowledge of an armed robbery was caught because he took a picture of his boasting brother on a stolen phone!

The man told police he knew nothing about the violent crime when three hooded men burst into a house brandishing firearms and threatened the owner unless he handed over goods. They got away 20 minutes later with cash and two [...]

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More asphalting work in Arona

Further road resurfacing work is being carried out by Arona Council as it continues its rolling programme of repairs.

The latest area to be tackled is calle La Montaña in Los Cristianos and follows on from the asphalting of avenida Chayofita.

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Discover the secrets of Pyramides of Güímar through new website

The Pyramids of Guimar may tell a fascinating story of yesteryear but the ethnographic park still believes in moving with the times.

As the final part of a modernisation programme, the popular attraction’s website has been updated.

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Police repeat “virtual kidnap” warnings after parents duped

Police have warned about a wave of “virtual kidnapping” in Spain after a distraught mother was duped into paying a ransom.

The woman was kept talking on the phone for three hours after a gang claimed they had snatched her daughter and said she would be killed unless 10,000 euros was paid.

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