Vandals smash 19 wing mirrors

Tourists looked on in utter disbelief as two men vandalised a string of cars parked at a well-known Canary Island beach resort.

The men, aged 20 and 21, systematically smashed 19 wing mirrors at Playa del Inglés.

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Road works at last!

Residents’ wishes have finally won the day at Los Realejos, even though it has taken years of campaigning.

In Los Realejos, asphalting of the main La Montaña road has now started after Tenerife Cabildo agreed to start the scheme.

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Family advertised “joints for sale” outside house

Thirteen members of the same family were arrested by police in Madrid for running a drugs operation from their home which even had a sign outide advertising “marijuana inside!”

The clan called themselves “las Niñas” and would “employ” drug addicts in exchange for a daily dose. They also called the sales point their “bunker” and would operate 24 hours around the clock.

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Church artefacts found hidden in Tenerife

These artefacts are what you would expect to find in a church or religious building.

Yet amazingly, they were discovered in Tenerife at the conclusion of a long investigation which involved the authorities in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

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Keep the “Bus” on the road

The San Blas Cen-tre of Arts and Wellbeing will be hosting a fundraising clothes/books and DVD swap for the ‘ Keep the Bus on the Road’ cancer charity and the ‘En Pie’ mental health charity on Friday the 29th of May at 18.30pm.

It will be a fun night with a chance to find some new outfits, books and dvds and also to have a clear [...]

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Arona volleyball team in season finale

The Arona Volleyball Club kept an important date in the season finale.

Between May 7th and 10th, the female youth team took part in the Championships of Spain held in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria after being runners-up in Tenerife and the Canaries.

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Breast cancer patients benefit from new lipofilling technique

There is a growing demand for lipofilling for breast construction after cancer for a rapid recuperation and aesthetic advantages.

Dr. Benjamin Gonzalez says this technique, in which the patient’s own fat is used, is one of the most demanded in 2014.

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Alert at docks was a mock-up

Emergency services rushed to the docks in Santa Cruz where a “narco-boat” had been intercepted and two officers had been hurt.

Fortunately, it wasn’t real but all part of a mock exercise carried out under the umbrella of marine security to test response times and operations in the event of a genuine situation.

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A comic book view of the Guanches

A leading artist is presenting a rather different view of the Guanches, the original inhabitants of the Canary Islands.

Luis Eduardo Fierro is exhibiting his work in the Prebendado Pacheco exhibition room in Tegueste until May 30th.

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Spain becomes more competitive as prices drop

The Spanish economy is showing further signs of picking up.

In the first three months of 2015, there was a gain in external competitiveness versus the EU.

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