Hiker falls on footpath

A German man suffered a leg injury when he stumbled whilst following a footpath trail on La Palma.

The emergency services were called in and the emergency helicopter located the injured man who was aged 26.

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Digital book tells history of soccer club

A new digital book has been produced to tell the story and history of a local soccer club.

The auditorium in the San Isidro civic space hosted the presentation which looks at the 40 years of Club Deportivo Raqui San Isidro.

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Motorist raced at 190km with child stood between seats

Drivers on a motorway in north-central Spain were horrified to see a child stood between the front seats of a car racing at more than 190 kilometres an hour!

Police were inundanted with complaints and there was more shock when the boasting motorist posted the video of his exploits on Youtube.

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Baroque music enchants during concerts in Puerto de La Cruz

Tenerife likes to offer visitors and local peo-ple all types of music and Puerto de la Cruz is no exception.

The spotlight is currently falling on the baroque era which spans the years from 1600 to 1750 and still has many fans.

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How to avoid or cope with food poisoning

Handle with care

Food poisoning is an illness caused by eating contaminated food. Most people get better without the need for treatment.

In most cases, food that causes food poisoning is contaminated by bacteria, such as salmonella or Escherichia coli (E. coli), or a virus, such as the norovirus.

The symptoms usually begin one to three days after eating contaminated food. They include feeling sick, vomiting, [...]

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Rescuers devastated as inmigrants drown in Canary ocean

Four people have drowned, including a woman and baby, after illegal immigrants trying to seek a new life in Spain drifted in the ocean for four days.

Another 21 people were found alive in a tiny boat near the Canaries but rescue could not find any others, despite reports that there were at least another six people on board. One of the occupants who survived was [...]

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“Come to Santa Cruz” returns on April 12th

The “Come to Santa Cruz” initiative aimed at revitalising Sunday trade is to return on April 12th.

This will begin a series of dates under the 2015 programme which will see the majority of shops in the centre open their doors and various events such as gastronomy, sport, culture, music and entertainment.

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Bike event to become an annual attraction

A new event in San Juan de la Rambla which brought together a huge number of cyclists is expected to become an annual attraction.

“Día de la Bicicleta: Pedalea por la Igualdad” (“Day of the Bicycle: Pedal for Equality”) was a huge success and involved people of all ages. More than 300 children and adults took part in two cycle routes which were followed by entertainment [...]

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Santa Cruz welcomes Chile team

Tenerife has once again been chosen by elite athletes for important training sessions.

Santa Cruz was delighted to welcome the women’s basketball team from Chile. The athletes were on the island for technical coaching ahead of an Olympic qualifier.

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Silver honour for iconic La Orotava carnival group

A carnival group which is currently celebrat- ing its 40th anniversary has been honoured by La Orotava.

The local council unani-mously agreed that “Los Virgueritos” should receive the municipality’s silver medal in recognition of its outstanding contributions.

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