Rescue boat and more safety measures for La Orotava

The Mayor of La Orotava has appealed for sunbathers and swimmers to be very vigilant about their safety this summer.

Francisco Linares says that from the council’s point of view, it is doing everything possible to ensure the coastal area of the municipality has all the facilities needed. These include extra lifeguards, a rescue boat to call on if necessary and a team for any [...]

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Replies to article published in edition 506 “Boom times, but not for all!”

Hotels must stand up

I have worked and lived here for 19 years and I have seen a big decline in businesses, all because of all inclusive hotels.

There was a very big issue on this last year and the hotels admitted they were running at a loss. It’s the tour operators that are making the money from it. The hotels said they only get 20 [...]

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Heroin hidden in double suitcase

A 60-year-old woman tried to walk through the security controls at Tenerife’s north airport with nearly six kilos of heroin in her luggage.

She was intending to catch a flight out of the island in the early morning but was stopped when luggage checks alerted suspicions.

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New park turns spotlight on historic Las Vegas

Granadilla has a new park which will help to turn the spotlight on the historic hamlet of Las Vegas and attract many more tourists.

Hundreds of visitors already converge daily on this village to enjoy its prettiness and architecture and to take advantage of the many walks which start from here.

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Arrests for bomb hoax

Three teenagers have been arrested for making hoax bomb threats.

They were caught by police in La Laguna following a series of phone calls to the 1-1-2 emergency service.

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What should I do in case of a car accident?

Spain is beautiful, and in the summer months not only do locals get out and about to drive the scenic routes or take short weekend jaunts, but many tourists drive vehicles into the sunshine to explore all the fun, festive and fabulous things that the country has to offer. This means that more people are on our roads, and more vehicles are sharing the Spanish [...]

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“Selfies” so popular in the Canaries

“Selfies” are on the rise in the Canary Islands, according to a new survey.

Nearly one in three holiday pictures posted on the social network sites is of the author taking a picture of themselves or with friends. The ocean with a boat in the background and a pet doing something funny are also firm favourites.

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Rivero says Canaries “fly high” despite Spain

President of the Canary Government, Paulino Rivero has accused the Spanish government of “passitivity” when it comes to helping the archipelago with increased air connectivity.

He says the Canaries are doing all they can off their own back to see an increase in flights but Spain is not helping matters.

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On the crest of a wave at El Médano

All nationalities took to the podium as the World Windsurfing Championships came to a close at El Médano.

The weather conditions for the international event were perfect, with strong winds producing excellent waves and the sunshine attracting a huge crowd over the week.

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Hiker falls in mountains

The emergency helicopter was called in to airlift a hiker who fell in a rocky area of Gran Canaria.

The alert was raised in the mid-afternoon after the 42-year-old woman hurt her ankle whilst walking in Roque Nublo in Tejeda.

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