Major prostitution ring dismantled after raids

A police investigation which began into a brothel on Gran Canaria has led to the breaking up of a gang involved in human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Eight people have been arrested and four properties searched, three of them in Las Palmas and a third in Barcelona.

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Taking Ainara to their hearts

If you saw a huge number of bikers riding around the north of Tenerife recently, you should know they were drawing attention to a good cause.

Earlier, around 200 motor-cyclists had gathered in the plaza del Adelantado in La Esperanza to show their plight for Ainara Morales Cordero, a little girl who is always smiling despite battling all her life against illness.

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How to breath easily on other people

Treatment for bad breath (halitosis) will depend on its cause.

Usually, the most effective treatment is improving your dental hygiene. As part of your daily routine, you should:

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Drugs’ pledge in capital

Police have pledged to continue their crackdown on drug-taking and distribution in Santa Cruz.

Various surveillance operations are being carried out across the capital following complaints from residents.

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Lanzarote boat wins “catch and release” fishing tournament

A major fishing tournament where competitors always return their catches to the ocean was won by a boat from Lanzarote.
The fourth Bertram tournament was celebrated at the San Miguel Marina in Tenerife and was won by “El Marlin”.

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Summer fun with Sansofé 2014

Summer fun has arrived in style in Los Abrigos and El Médano as Granadilla council anticipates one of the best seasons ever.

July and August will see around 60 activities under the banner of Sansofé 2014 which will have an appeal for all ages, all nationalities and visitors and local people alike.

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Road gets first facelift in 30 years

The Mayor of Puerto de la Cruz has pledged road improvements will be carried out on a rolling programme in the coming months.

Marcos Brito made the pledge after visiting the Camino Cordobés which has just been tackled for the first time in 30 years.

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Latest news from The Prestige Group

Later this year the retail landscape of Armeñime will be greatly enhanced with the completion of a magnificent new showroom for The Prestige Group.

Boasting over 200 square meters of floor space the company is creating a home for luxury garden furniture as manufactured by companies such as Kettal of Barcelona Spain, Kettler of Ense Germany and Skyline Design of Valencia Spain.

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Try some new sensations this summer

Summer has well and truly arrived and what better a time to get out and about, find a nice terrace, enjoy the sunshine and treat yourself to some new tastes?

Tenerife is fast becoming a gastronomic paradise and many special events are held throughout the year but in particular the summer to turn the spotlight on the culinary expertise you will find here.

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Don’t sneeze at hay fever

Hay fever, also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, affects one in four people in the UK and is mainly caused by grass pollen.

Hay fever is a type of allergy. It happens when your body makes antibodies in response to certain triggers, such as pollen.

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