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Lola, dog of the week

Meet Lola. Her owner dumped her on his way to the airport, and we now have her in a foster home. She was very frightened and traumatised having been in what she thought was a stable home since she was a puppy but she is coming around now. She is 4 years old, medium sized, and waiting for you right now!! [...]

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Frequently asked questions

Q. My Audi A4 2003 saloon has started to blow bulbs on a monthly basis. When I change the bulb (a double filament) the dashboard indicator continues to display “Stop bulb left side” until I have driven a short distance and used the brakes a couple of times. Audi say there is no difference in the bulbs used, but I am baffled why this keeps [...]

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Tourists land on roof in parascending accident

Two tourists had a miraculous escape after their parascending strings ruptured and they crash-landed on to the roof of a holiday island hotel 60ft above the ground.

A freak gust of wind is believed to have rocked the boat towing them through the bay of Portmany near the busy resort of San Antonio on Ibiza.

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Concerts postponed on doctor’s orders

A serious lung infection has forced octogenarian Alejandro Jodorowsky to postpone two dates on the stage of the Teatro Pérez Galdós in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

The multi-talented writer, philosopher, poet, essayist, screenwriter, comic, playwright, film-maker, tart card reader and healer was due to appear on October 8th and 9th.

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Driving Licences

There are many conflicting stories about the steps required to exchange a European licence here in Tenerife. Many people are told the exchange process is either complicated or not required or others are told they have to have a medical regardless of the process and/or age.

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Youngster stuck on window ledge

There were some anxious moments in Granadilla when fire-fighters were called out to rescue a trapped child.

The youngster was stuck on a second floor ledge after a window closed at the family home and was unable to get back inside.

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Leg injury after promenade fall

A teenager needed treatment after falling on a boardwalk alongside the beach at El Medano.

The accident happened at the promenade of Playa de La Jaquita in the early evening, with the 15-year-old suffering a leg injury.

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New shopping zones on La Gomera

Final preparations are being made for the start of two major commercial open zone projects on La Gomera.

These will see major improvements in San Sebastian and Valle Gran Rey and will include new parking areas, pavements, landscaping and revised traffic flow.

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Capital to look at disabled access

Further efforts are to be made by Santa Cruz to improve its accessibility for all.

The capital has agreed to take a look at all aspects of life in the city, for visitors and local people, and to make sure it is disabled friendly. One of the first targets will be pavements and ramps.

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Think healthcare when moving to Spain – or it could cost you time, worry and money, warns new video

Living in Spain without having thought about how you will look after your future health could cost you time, worry and money, warns the Department of Health in a new video about the importance of registering for healthcare.

Britons coming to Spain to live permanently, as well as those who have recently arrived, must register properly with the Spanish authorities to ensure they are fully [...]

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