Christmas Day concert by Symphony Orchestra

It might be difficult to make Christmas Day even more special but Santa Cruz will try its best to make the evening very memorable.

For the 21st time, a special concert by the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra will take place in the open air of the docks.

It has been organised in association with the Port Authority and starts at 8.30pm.

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Is this wanted man in Spain?

The National Crime Agency is appealing to the public to help find a suspected member of a Merseyside based organised criminal network that plotted to smuggle up to 40 tonnes of drugs into the UK.

Paul John Scott, aged 32, from Liverpool, is wanted for questioning in connection with the plot to import cocaine from South America hidden inside tins of fish and wooden pallets. The Guardia [...]

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Recycled clothing goes to good homes

The Red Cross of Puerto de la Cruz has received 300 kilos of clothing to help families in need.

The donation follows an agreement between the local council and the company Canarias Recycling for the collection of clothes in containers in the municipality.

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The festive season, a time to enjoy for everyone with the right dental treatment

These special festive days are much anticipated by some and dreaded by others as they approach.

Dates where, for example, the hardness of our traditional sweets or turrones means they can become an unattainable desire for many tastes.

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La Orotava goes festive with launch of Christmas contests

La Orotava is encouraging people to get creative this Christmas.

For the 19th time, the local council has launched competitions to find the best crib scenes, the best Christmas cards and the best festive stories.

They are all a way of encouraging creativity and imagination during this very special season and giving other people the chance to enjoy the results.

The Mayor, Francisco Linares said there [...]

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Hindu community shows its solidarity

The Hindu Community of Tenerife Sur has made another very welcome donation, this time of baby food and products for babies.

More than 200 kilos were presented to the food bank at Adeje, being received by councillor for social welfare, Amada Trujillo Bencomo.

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Child gets finger stuck in fishing reel

Firefighters were called out to help with a rather unusual predicament last week. A young child got their finger caught in a fishing reel and had to go to hospital for help!

The incident happened in Puerto Santiago and led to a call for the crew at San Miguel de Abona and volunteers from Santiago del Teide.

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K9 news

As we move from autumn into winter, I would like to thank everyone, from the volunteers who help daily, to the people who stop by the shelter and find a new family member. It does make all the difference as we can see from the letter we received from Savanna who joined us in June and is now enjoying her forever home.

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Glasses raised to a very special birth

A rather special “baptism” took place recently at the Valle de Guimar bodega.

The commercial winery was delighted to unveil its new sparkling wine and with all new arrivals, godfathers are necessary.

This honour for Brumas de Ayosa Espumoso 2014 went to the Association of Cooks and Chefs of the Canaries (Acyre).

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Iranian couple arrested with false passports

Police say investigations are continuing following the arrest in Tenerife of an Iranian couple who were attempting to fly to the UK with false passports.

The two arrested are a man, aged 46, and a 30-year-old woman. They had been staying in an hotel near the south airport.

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