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As we move from autumn into winter, I would like to thank everyone, from the volunteers who help daily, to the people who stop by the shelter and find a new family member. It does make all the difference as we can see from the letter we received from Savanna who joined us in June and is now enjoying her forever home.

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Glasses raised to a very special birth

A rather special “baptism” took place recently at the Valle de Guimar bodega.

The commercial winery was delighted to unveil its new sparkling wine and with all new arrivals, godfathers are necessary.

This honour for Brumas de Ayosa Espumoso 2014 went to the Association of Cooks and Chefs of the Canaries (Acyre).

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Iranian couple arrested with false passports

Police say investigations are continuing following the arrest in Tenerife of an Iranian couple who were attempting to fly to the UK with false passports.

The two arrested are a man, aged 46, and a 30-year-old woman. They had been staying in an hotel near the south airport.

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Woman falls into hole

An accident in El Tanque area of Tenerife led to a woman falling into a large crater and suffering a leg injury.

Firefighters were called in to help rescue her from the area known as Torre Antigua.

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Big Brother by Lionel Shriver

Pandora has looked up to her brother Edison since they were children. Now she revels in the anonymity of her suburban Iowa life, while her brother basks in the limelight as a New York jazz musician. But when Edison arrives in Iowa, suddenly in need of a place to stay, Pandora literally doesn’t recognise him. The once slim, hip pianist has gained hundred of [...]

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A Walk In The Park by Jill Mansell

It’s 18 years since Lara Carson vanished into the night, leaving first love, Flynn Erskine with lots of questions – and no answers. He is stunned by her return to Bath and can’t deny the spark between them. But is there something she isn’t telling him? Lara’s childhood best friend, Evie Beresford, is thrilled to welcome her back – especially as she is about [...]

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All Saints Church news

All Saints Church Puerto de La Cruz Carol Service of nine lessons and carols will be held on 19 December at 7 pm led by the Reverend Malcolm Exley who will be back with us once again with his wife Kathleen.

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Gone by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

When Detective Michael Bennett arrested Manuel Perrine, he thought that he had brought an end to the drug cartel boss’s reign of terror. But then, during the trial,Perrine escaped.

In a bloody shoot-out, Bennett killed Perrine’s wife. Now he wants nothing more that to make Bennet suffer, to make him pay.

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Eloise by Judy Finnegan

After her best friend, Eloise, dies from breast cancer, Cathy is devastated. But then she begins to have disturbing dreams that suggest that Eloise’s death was not all it seems.

With Cathy’s history of depression, her husband, Chris, a psychiatrist, is acutely aware of mental fragility. When Cathy tells Chris of her suspicions about Eloise’s death, as well as her ability to sense Eloise’s spirit, [...]

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A Treacherous Paradise by Henning Mankell

Brutal poverty and punishing cold define Hanna Renstróm’s childhood in remote northern Sweden, and in 1904, at nineteen, she sets sail for Australia in search of a better life. Jumping ship at the African port of Lourenço Marques, none of Hanna’s hopes – or fears – prepare her for what lies ahead. Stumbling across what she believes to be a down – at – heel hotel, [...]

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