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Dog of the Week – Danko

It’s not always about the cute puppies. Please consider an older dog, they deserve a chance too. Danko has been with us way too many years and at seven years old, we are really on a mission to find him that perfect home. He is a friendly and handsome Spaniel cross and after his recent grooming session by Heather at [...]

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Italian link leads to emergency help

A woman who walked into a police station in Italy sparked a chain of events which proved the expertise of the 1-1-2 system in the Canary Islands.

The emergency centre was the scene of a co-ordinated effort between the Italian and National police and the Civil Guard and the Canary Emergency Service.

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“Miracle” as windsurfer rescued after six hours

Two fishermen have been hailed as heroes after saving the life of a missing windsurfer.

The German man was found five hours after going missing and was seen floating on his back, with his arms stretched out and totally exhausted.

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Learning to live with warfarin

Do you or a relative take warfarin? If so, here are some questions and answers you might find of use.

What do I do if I have a nosebleed?

If you have a nosebleed, carry out normal first aid. Lean your head forward and pinch just below the bridge of your nose firmly for at least ten minutes.

If the nosebleed lasts longer than 15 minutes [...]

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Fast painting produces stunning results

These paintings are so lovely that it’s hard to believe they were all created in just over seven hours and all on the same day.

Each year, El Rosario in the north of Tenerife organise a fast-painting competition in which entrants have to complete their work “in situ” between 8.45am and 4pm.

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Car crash insurance scam: 61 arrests

Police on the mainland have made 61 arrests after breaking up a network which reaped hundreds of thousands of euros through fraudulent car accident claims.

In some of the cases, the gang sought compensation for people injured in collisions which never occurred in the first place. In others, they would mock up accidents, using old cars and causing the bodywork damage themselves in isolated places [...]

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La Orotava to tackle more green lighting

Council leaders in La Orotava say their quest will continue to become one of the more energy efficient municipalities on Tenerife.

A grant of nearly 100,000 euros has just been won from the Canary Government which will meet 60 per cent of a project to replace public street lighting with a greener system. This will also help cut back on light pollution and cut back [...]

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Fight club seeks new fans

The Canary wrestling club at San Isidro is aiming to spread its appeal and is calling for more support, not just in the area but throughout the south of the island.

“Club de Lucha San Isidro” is preparing to fight in the first category and will be the only one in the south to do so.

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Long search ends in tragedy

An 18 day search for a missing man ended in tragedy for his family.

They had refused to give up after the 74-year-old El Hierro man disappeared on July 27th.

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Easyjet plane in Mayday drama

An Easyjet passenger plane with 184 passengers and six crew on board was involved in a “Mayday” drama in Tenerife, it has been revealed. The incident happened on June 2nd but has only just come to light.

The Airbus 320, coming from Gatwick, should have landed at the island’s south airport but was twice prevented from doing so because of the high winds.

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