New series of walks to discover Anaga

Eight guided walks are being offered by Santa Cruz city council through its Sustainable Foundation.

The events are designed to introduce people to the delights of the Anaga Rural Park and they are open to all.

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Armeñime to get its new 1.2m roundabout in 2016

A much pressed-for roundabout to alleviate traffic congestion in Armeñime is likely to become a reality in 2016.

This area is one of the busiest on the island and takes 21,000 vehicles a day, of which over 13,000 are destined for the municipalities of Guia de Isora and Santiago del Teide. The rest is internal traffic for Adeje.

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Brand Centre promotes Canaries worldwide

A new data bank has been created so that images and news about the Canary Islands can be spread all over the world.

The “Brand Centre” gives professionals access to more than 10,000 photographs and 300 films, together with reports, articles, illustrations, original advertising and logos.

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On fire for Tenerife

Ben was a bachelor who had been stood up at the altar in his 20s. After that he never did quite see women the same way.

Recently retired, he complained bitterly about the weather, politicians, terrorists and today’s egoistical youth to anyone who would listen.

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Artist creates unusual sculpture in homage to wine

A Los Realejos artist is working on a new sculpture which will recognise the role played by the wine industry in the municipality.

Francisco Palmero is producing the unusual tribute in cereamic, wood and metal. It has been commissioned by Los Realejos counci and should be ready in the next few weeks when it will be placed in the heart of San Benito.

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Teenager plunges five metres

A teenager was seriously injured after falling from a building five metres above the street.

The 14-year-old boy was taken to hospital suffering from a lung problem as a result of the accident which happened in Lanzarote.

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Major road scheme unveiled in Lanzarote

A major road improvement scheme has been formally opened on Lanzarote after escaping the brunt of budget cuts felt by other islands.

The extensive change to the network in and around Arrecife, including to the airport, has cost more than 36 million euros.

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Stairway to Eternity

Chapter III- Part I

Two dozen days after the return of the expedition Snefru decided to hold a court hearing in his palace at Memphis to hear from his general Sesortris a full account of the expedition. Pharoah’s full government was present, all the high priests of Egypt, all the kingdom’s generals and aristocracy. Prince Cheops was also of course present, with his captured priest, Tinguaro.

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The very special story of a Teide guide who climbed mountains, aged seven

The next time you take a visit to La Orotava, seek out calle Rodapalla and take a look at property number 5.

Outside, you will see a plaque dedicated to a rather special person: José Bethen

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La Orotava introduces free wifi hotspots

La Orotava is offer- ing free wifi hotspots in locations across the municipality, including several plazas.

The local council says the speed is not fast because it is not allowed to compete against operators but it still hopes members of the public will find the service helpful. In due course, it is hoped to add further venues.

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