Island helps the disabled

Gran Canaria is continuing to organise various initiatives in its bid to become an accessible-friendly island.

The Cabildo is currently inviting entries for a competition which will reward businesses who think about the needs of people with disabilities.

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La Palma bids for telescope network

La Palma believes it is the perfect location for the siting of a new group of telescopes which will allow experts to study the stars at maximum intensity.

The Cabildo is bidding for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, a cluster of nearly two dozen telescopes from six to 25 metres in diameter.

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Discover the many virtues of stylish Bushido

A visit to the beautiful Bushido Restaurant in Los Cristianos is not only a hugely pleasurable experience, it’s also an education!

It starts with revelations about “Bushido”, the philosophy of the Samurai which includes honour, dignity, respect and compassion, and ends with the hope that customers leave with a smile on their face.

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Playa de La Arena stars

Occupancy rates are continuing to please Santiago del Teide council. Figures show there was an average take-up of 80 per cent in hotel and non-hotel establishments during September.

In the area of Puerto de Santiago, the figure was 77 per cent, it was 71 per cent in Los Gigantes and 91 per cent in Playa de La Arena.

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“Babies in freezer” mother gets 35 years for double murder

A young mother who strangled and drowned two of her new-born babies and hid them in her freezer has to pay her ex-husband and surviving children 300,000 euros in compensation.

Sarah LH from Pilias in Seville was sentenced to 35-years in prison after a jury found her guilty of two counts of murder.

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Ten-Bel needs urgent attention, residents claim

Areas of Ten-Bel in Costa del Silencio are in a very bad state of neglect and urgent action is being pressed for.

A social media campaign “Salvemos Ten-Bel” or “Save Ten-Bel” launched by local residents is being backed by Socialists on Arona Council.

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Hiker suffers black-out

A hiker had to be rescued by the emergency resoures after suffering a black-out.

The incident happened in La Laguna where the 67-year-old woman had been enjoying a walk in the Bajamar area.

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Pool reopens as planned

Routine maintenance work has been carried out on the municipal pool at Los Realejos and it has now reopened.

Councillor for sport, Benito Dévora said it was back to normal with effect from October 1st as promised.

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Help your hamster to have a happy home

Hamsters are the best known and one of the most popular of all the small rodents kept as pets. They live for around two or three years.

The most common and largest type is the Syrian hamster, also known as the golden hamster. These are naturally solitary and will fight if you try to keep them in pairs or groups – breeders have to be [...]

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Huge wave knocks couple into sea

A couple in their 60s had a lucky escape when they were knocked into the ocean on Gran Canaria by a huge wave.

Both were rescued following the incident near the lighthouse of Sardina in Galdar during the late afternoon.

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