Stairway to Eternity

Chapter III- Part I

Two dozen days after the return of the expedition Snefru decided to hold a court hearing in his palace at Memphis to hear from his general Sesortris a full account of the expedition. Pharoah’s full government was present, all the high priests of Egypt, all the kingdom’s generals and aristocracy. Prince Cheops was also of course present, with his captured priest, Tinguaro.

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The very special story of a Teide guide who climbed mountains, aged seven

The next time you take a visit to La Orotava, seek out calle Rodapalla and take a look at property number 5.

Outside, you will see a plaque dedicated to a rather special person: José Bethen

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La Orotava introduces free wifi hotspots

La Orotava is offer- ing free wifi hotspots in locations across the municipality, including several plazas.

The local council says the speed is not fast because it is not allowed to compete against operators but it still hopes members of the public will find the service helpful. In due course, it is hoped to add further venues.

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Another Canary win for “La Tixera”

A Tenerife man has followed up an island win in underwater fishing with a Canary title.

William Jesús Santos Rivero from Playa San Juan was proclaimed champion in the individual category in the competition held at the coastal town.

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La Laguna helps the disabled

La Laguna has started work on a special plan to improve life and facilities for its disabled residents and visitors.

The first steps will be to find out what is needed and household surveys are currently taking place to seek local views.

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Passport renewals “return to normal” after backlog

British citizens living abroad will need to apply to renew their passports online or at local offices as usual, as one of the contingency measures brought in to cope with the exceptional demand last year comes to an end.

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Business park at old airport?

The old airport on La Palma is likely to be turned into a business park.

The Cabildo is to draw up a business plan which will outline future uses for the site, known as the “Aeropuerto Viejo” in Buena Vista. A specialist company has been engaged.

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Rainbow delight at Los Gigantes

This isn’t a scene you see every day in Tenerife but our correspondent, Ken Bennett was on hand to capture it on camera.

Taken at Los Gigantes, it shows a rainbow forming a colourful bridge between the Stil Log Gigantes Hotel and Crab Island.

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Tegueste offers April tapas and wine route

Until April 30th, 26 tascas and restaurants in Tegueste are taking part in a tapas route as part of April Wine Month.

They will be offering the best gastronomic creations and fine wines of the municipality, all at a bargain price.

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Fight continues for CCTV after more vandalism

Santa Cruz has pledged not to give up the fight for CCTV cameras in García Sanabria park after a further spate of vandalism.

Important sculptures have once again been daubed in graffiti and damaged, including “Homage to Gaudi” and “Tribute to the Canary Islands”.

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