Try some new sensations this summer

Summer has well and truly arrived and what better a time to get out and about, find a nice terrace, enjoy the sunshine and treat yourself to some new tastes?

Tenerife is fast becoming a gastronomic paradise and many special events are held throughout the year but in particular the summer to turn the spotlight on the culinary expertise you will find here.

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Don’t sneeze at hay fever

Hay fever, also known as seasonal allergic rhinitis, affects one in four people in the UK and is mainly caused by grass pollen.

Hay fever is a type of allergy. It happens when your body makes antibodies in response to certain triggers, such as pollen.

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El Hierro seeks another world first with “Gehotel”

El Hierro is continuing its pioneering promotions by launching another major new project which is a first for the islands and indeed the world.

‘Gehotel El Hierro’ is being spearheaded by Ashotel and funded by the Canary Government with support from El Hierro Cabildo and the company Crea Solutions.

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SUC provides help for the deaf

The Canary Urgency Service is delighted to have given help to a deaf person involved in a fall through its pioneering new text system.

The SUC wants other people to be aware that they can also benefit from SOMU, an online messaging system which solves urgent requests for assistance via chat.

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Council pledge over sports centre area

Granadilla council says it is doing all it can to improve facilities for local people and is currently tackling the area around the sports pavilion and pool.

The project has been running for around two months and has involved a financial outlay of more than 38,600 euros.

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Call for “four-month” cat neutering

The cat population in the UK has reached crisis point with more cats being taken in than ever before and fewer people adopting them.

A new RSPCA report “Tackling the Cat Crisis” has revealed the number of cats entering their care has increased from 29,269 in 2010 to 31,556 in 2012. However, the number of new homes found for cats in the same period declined [...]

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Tenerife Lions Club member receives the Lion’s highest international

It was a very special evening at Tenerife Isa Sur Lions Club Presidents Night for Edna Goodall when she was presented with the prestigious Melvin Jones Fellowship Award.

Lions Clubs International recognizes outstanding individuals by bestowing on them an award that is named after its founder, Melvin Jones. This award is the highest form of recognition and embodies humanitarian ideas consistent with the nature and [...]

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Race to hit new heights as entries roll in

Organisers of the 2014 Tenerife Bluetrail on October 18th are expecting the event to hit new heights, in more ways that one.

Entries are still open but up until July 20th, there was a ten per cent reduction in the fees which should have encoura-ged even more intrepid athletes to come forward.

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Four arrested for break-ins

Four Spaniards have been arrested on suspicion of carrying out a string of burglaries in Santa Cruz.

They are believed to have committed at least eleven break-ins, specifically in the south-west area of the capital.

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Visitor numbers soar as Canaries toast bumper year

The Canary Islands are on course for a bumper tourism year, according to new figures.

Foreign visitor numbers for all the main islands were considerably up for the first six months of 2014, confirming the archipelago´s continuing appeal in the international holiday market.

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