The Babes In The Wood

There hadn’t been anything like this kind of rain in living memory. The river Brede had burst its banks, and not a single house in the valley had escaped the flooding. In the midst of all this, two teenagers Giles and Sophie Dade – and Joanna Troy, the woman who had been looking after them, had vanished.

The Subaqua Tasdk Force could find no trace of them, [...]

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Investment group puts faith in Puerto with Hotel Chiripa transformation

The Hotel Chiripa in Puerto de la Cruz is to become a new five-star resort. The ambitious renovation project has been announced by Linder Investment Management.

The work is made possible under the Plan for Modernisation, Improvement and Competitiveness which many tourist towns and mature destinations are now able to take advantage of.

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The Rottweiler

The first girl had a bite mark on her neck but they traced the DNA to her boyfriend. Then the tabloids got hold of the story and called the killer ‘The Rottweiler’ and the name stuck.

The latest murder takes place very near Inez Ferry’s antique shop in Marylebone. Someone saw a shadowy figure running away past the station, but the only other clues are [...]

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Wingate’s wonderful Miscellany!

What a triumph!  The Drama group from years 7-9 performed their show on Thursday and Friday evenings to an almost packed house both nights and what a show it was.

The students excelled themselves making a spectacle that was enjoyed by the whole audience and appealing to all ages.  The big musical numbers were full of energy, colour and enthusiasm and those students who performed in [...]

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The Water’s Lovely

Weeks went by when Ismay thought of it at all. Then something would bring it back or it would return in a dream.

The dreams began in the same way. She and her mother would be climbing the stairs, following Heather’s lead through the bedroom to what was on the other side, not a bathroom in the dream, but a chamber floored and walled in [...]

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Fireworks to round off annual fiesta

El Rosario is one of the few municipalities in Tenerife which combines the traditions of the romeria with agriculture.

The traditional blessing of cattle and a festival of pop and folklore have already been drawing the crowds to the area known as El Chorrillo.

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Thirteen Steps Down

Living in a decaying house in Notting Hill, Mix Cellini is obsessed with 10 Rillington Place, where the notorious John Christie committed a series of foul murders. He is also infatuated with a beautiful model who lives nearby – a woman who would not look at him twice.

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Host of May activities as Adeje lives its traditions

May is being celebrated in style in Adeje, thanks to a host of activities organised by the local council’s culture department under the banner of  “Adeje vive las tradiciones” (Adeje, bringing traditions to life).

Exhibitions, story-telling, dance,  acrobatics, magic and music and crafts have all taken centre-stage since the month began. However, there is still more to come.

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Man, 60, dies in car crash

A 60-year-old man has died in a traffic accident in Icod de los Vinos.

The emergency services were called out after a 1-1-2 call alerted them to an incident on the TF-5.

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No Man’s Nightingale

The woman vicar of St.Peter’s Church may not be popular among the community of Kingsmarkham. But it still comes as a profound shock when she is found strangled in her vicarage.

Inspector Wexford is retired, but he retains a relish for solving mysteries, especially when they are as close to home as this one is.

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