Prison for parents who left toddler “to go out clubbing”

A husband and wife who left their two-year-old child alone in their home in the middle of the night whilst they went clubbing have each been sentenced to nine months in prison.

Just one hour after the couple decided to go for a drink at 1.30am, the toddler, who had been asleep in bed, woke up. Barefoot, he went to the front door, opened it [...]

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New lease of life for iconic building

Los Realejos has hailed “an historic day” following the signing of a deal which will give a new lease of life to an important building in the town centre.

The San Agustín College has now passed into the ownership of the municipality, thanks to the local council and the family of its former alma mater, Rafael Yanes.

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Gran Canaria “could take a million more visitors”

Gran Canaria has the capacity to attract at least another one million tourists a year and many of them could be British.

This is the view of Cabildo president, José Miguel Bravo de Laguna during the World Travel Market in London.

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Young rhythmic champions now eye a Spanish title

Granadilla de Abona council has applauded a local team who are Canary champions of rhythmic gymnastics in the junior category.

Club Adoney, based in the municipality, were guests of honour at a reception hosted by the Mayor, Jaime González Cejas and the councillor for sport, Marcos González Alonso.

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Why men need to be aware too

Breast cancer is seen as a condition that only affects women but men can develop it too.

However, breast cancer in men is much less common than breast cancer in women, affecting just one in every 100,000 men in England.

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Opinion poll test after oil refendum called off

The Government of the Canary Islands has had to call off its proposed referendum on oil exploration but says it will consult people in a different way.

Repsol is due to start test drilling off the coast of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote soon but the Canary Government says it remains strongly opposed to it and continues to fight in the courts.

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Travelling with your cat

Transport your cat in a safe container (ie a robust and properly constructed cat basket or carrier) – cats may escape from cardboard carriers.

Secure the container in the car with a seat belt in the well behind the seats or wedged in safely at the back so it cannot move around.

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Cocaine found in banana boxes

Drug smuggling gangs use all sorts of ways to get their illegal shipments into Spain and the latest is banana boxes.

Police have found 54 kilos of cocaine hidden inside crates of bananas and nine people were arrested. A spokesman for the Guardia Civil described the gang as “a major drug trafficking operation.”

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“We did it by the book” says health authority after ebola scare

The Canary Government’s Ministry of Health has defended the role it played in dealing with a group of illegal immigrants who sparked an ebola scare when they arrived on Maspalomas beach.

The drama happened in Gran Canaria on November 5th, with the 23 men and women coming into shore on board a small boat at about 9.30am in the morning.

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Safety reminder as French family have lucky escape

Warnings about taking care when visiting the mountain areas of Tenerife have been reiterated after one group’s lucky escape from a potentially dangerous situation.

A group of French hikers who got lost on Mount Teide were left counting their blessings after being found by the rescue services three hours after they got lost.

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