Young artists to compete in Islasvision final

A major event is taking place in San Juan de la Rambla on Saturday evening, November 22nd and there’s an open invitation to attend.

Against stiff opposition from other areas of the Canary Islands who bid for the rights, the town is delighted to be chosen to host the regional final of “Islasvision Fit Talent Junior 2014″. This is considered a benchmark for talent in [...]

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Selling a car?

We cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that you have the correct paperwork given to you by the seller in order to be able to complete the transfer or at least notify Tráfico that you have sold the vehicle to absolve yourself of all reasonability. We have many cases where a person has sold their car to their friend, neighbour or acquaintance sometimes just [...]

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Entries open for San Silvestre

Entries have opened for the annual San Silvestre in La Laguna.

This will be the 33rd edition of the popular race which takes place from 6pm on December 31st.

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Gran Canaria’s new website is mecca for nautical tourism

Gran Canaria has become the first island in the Canaries to launch an inter-active website dedicated solely to nautical tourism.

The portal brings together information about water sports and pastimes such as sailing, whale watching, diving and surfing, as well as accommodation and other related services.

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Adeje offers a journey through theatre and dance

Adeje is promising “an emotional journey for the senses” through the medium of dance this November.

The Festival of Theatre and Dance of Adeje (“El Festival de Teatro y Danza de Adeje”) is being held on each Friday evening during November and is aimed at local people and visitors alike.

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Woman dies after eating “death cap” mushroom

A 56-year-old woman who wanted to enjoy a nice meal with her husband died after eating a highly toxic wild mushroom.

The couple went out foraging in the forests near their home in Gerona and returned to cook what they had found for dinner.

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School offers guided tours during Noche en Blanco

On Saturday, November 29th, the IES Canarias Cabrera Pinto High School in San Cristóbal of La Laguna will be offering free guided tours in different languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish) during the celebration of the “Noche en Blanco” .

The whole city will be opened and you’ll have the time of your life.

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Paraglider suffers head injury

An injured paraglider had to be airlifted to safety as a result of an accident in the Taucho area of Adeje.

The 58-year-old suffered a head injury described as “serious”.

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“Curva del Queso” leads the way for island’s miradors

La Gomera is aiming to become an island of viewpoints so visitors can take in spectacular views, including across to Tenerife and Mount Teide.

A special infrastructure plan has been drawn up which will see the construction of two new terraces and refurbishments to seven others.

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New Mayoress pledges pact with hoteliers

The new Mayoress of Puerto de la Cruz, Sandra Rodríguez has pledged to work hand in hand with the hotel association, Ashotel.

The pledge was made during a meeting with representatives of the north zone when various different ideas and projects were discussed.

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