Walk for Life special celebration: ten events for ten years

Ten years, ten events! That’s the promise from organisers of the “Carrera por la vida” or “Walk for Life” this year.

Details of the special anniversary programme for Arona and Adeje were released during a press conference as the fight continues to find a cure for cancer and to help all those in need.

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Capital turns to gastronomic ideas

Santa Cruz is aiming to boost tourism with its gastronomic appeal.

The Development Corporation says the city has a wealth of excellent restaurants and various initiatives and events are being planned to draw more people in.

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Electronic “tags” unite lost beach children

If you are a parent who has ever lost their child on a busy beach, you will appreciate how distressing the situation can be.

The Red Cross in Spain estimates that each season, around 2,500 youngsters go missing for a while and on a beach as big and as crowded as the ones in Marbella, that can create quite a problem.

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Stop licking that wound!

If your dog has suffered an injury or had an operation, you will know how difficult it is to stop them licking their wounds. Try these methods.

Elizabethan collar

Bandages should always be covered to stop them getting wet when you are out but waterproof covers must be removed once you are home so wounds can breathe.

Traditionally wounds have been protected using a cone shaped [...]

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Beach alert after woman and child rescued

Sunbathers have been urged not to under-estimate the strength of the sea, especially when it is very windy on Tenerife.

The general alert follows a timely rescue off the beach of La Tejita in El Médano when lifeguards came to the aid of a mother and child who got into difficulties.

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Itching dogs a problem for all

It’s not just people who get allergies. Pets are affected as well.

Allergies arise from an overactive immune system – that’s the body’s surveillance system which prevents attack by microbes.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. I have had a number of problems happen to my van (2001 Peugeot Expert 2.0 HDI) It started with speedo failure, then temperature gauge and coolant fan giving up. I replaced the fan, temp sensor and then ECU anti start system and barrel, and also the speedo sensor. The temp gauge now works and fan is cutting in as should. But speedo is still [...]

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La Gomera stars on lottery

The natural beauty of La Gomera will be seen by millions of people across Spain this autumn, without leaving their homes.

The island is delighted to be represented on the lottery tickets for ONCE, the National Organisation of the Blind. They go on sale on October 26th.

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New classrooms for Adeje school

A school in Adeje has become so popular that facilities are being expanded.

Three new classrooms are being added to IES Los Olivos as part of a programme to improve facilities in all local schools.

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Neglect alleged over motorway lights

Union officials have accused Tenerife Cabildo of “neglect” following complaints about motorway bus stop warning lights.

Inter Canaria says it has been complaining since December of 2012 but nothing has been done.

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