Registering your vehicle in Spain

Registering a non-Spanish vehicle in Spain is a complex and potentially costly procedure.
However, you may be exempt from Spanish registration tax by getting Spanish number plates within one month of entering the country. But to do this, you need to become a resident. Linea Directa has been insuring expat drivers in Spain for over a decade and understands all the steps involved. Below we outline this [...]

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China is the next target for Costa Adeje

Costa Adeje is planning to market itself in China as a destination both for tourism and luxury shopping.

The Mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga recently signed an agreement for joint promotions between the Vice President of the Board of Trade of China, Leticia Chen.

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Residents seek TF-5 noise panels

Fed-up residents of Los Realejos are calling for action because of noise pullution caused by a busy road.

On their behalf, the local council wants Tenerife Cabildo to consider installing sound-proofing panels  at exit 39 of the TF-5.

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Canaries seek “Starlight” status for entire archipelago

A bid is to be made to classify the whole of the Canary Islands as a “Starlight” destination.
The Canary Agency for Innovation and Information (ACIISI), which comes under the umbrella of the Canary Government, is laying the groundwork for the certification.

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Winning pairof fab Fords

FORD has many thoroughbreds in its UK stable and I sampled two models that plenty of motorists view as their favourites in back-to-back drives.

The B-Max has been around for some time now but it still manages to spring a surprise on some onlookers with its sliding rear doors.

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First children’s soccer tournament in La Orotava

La Orotava is to host what it considers will be one of the best football tournaments ever held in the archipelago.

The first National Children’s Football Tournament takes place from March 29th to April 1st at the Quiquirá sports pavilion.

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Car paperwork

The vehicle log book information is changing, and is being up-dated to incorporate more information. All vehicles transferred, or any duplicate documents requested from the 15th of January onwards will now have extra information included, in addition to that already shown. They will be a new section headed as OBSERVATIONS where it will state the following:

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Canary demolitions: action group again calls for urgent campaign

Thousands of home owners in the Canary Islands are still living under the threat of seeing their properties demolished and a joint campaign must be mounted.

This is the renewed plea made by the Canary Platform in Defence of the Interests of People Affected by the Coastal Act (PCALC).

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Police fines: the truth

Dear Editor

I always read your motoring advice column with interest so I wonder if one could be written about fines and what the police can and cannot do and the choices available if you are stopped.

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New buses for Titsa

Recently, I happened to read in one of the magazines, that Titsa will be ordering new buses for several millions. I would be delighted as well as grateful if Titsa could invest money in buying buses with ramps. Until now, there is not a single bus for disabled people to travel from the Tenerife South airport to Puetro de la Cruz. Disabled people with electric [...]

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