Itching dogs a problem for all

It’s not just people who get allergies. Pets are affected as well.

Allergies arise from an overactive immune system – that’s the body’s surveillance system which prevents attack by microbes.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. I have had a number of problems happen to my van (2001 Peugeot Expert 2.0 HDI) It started with speedo failure, then temperature gauge and coolant fan giving up. I replaced the fan, temp sensor and then ECU anti start system and barrel, and also the speedo sensor. The temp gauge now works and fan is cutting in as should. But speedo is still [...]

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La Gomera stars on lottery

The natural beauty of La Gomera will be seen by millions of people across Spain this autumn, without leaving their homes.

The island is delighted to be represented on the lottery tickets for ONCE, the National Organisation of the Blind. They go on sale on October 26th.

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New classrooms for Adeje school

A school in Adeje has become so popular that facilities are being expanded.

Three new classrooms are being added to IES Los Olivos as part of a programme to improve facilities in all local schools.

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Neglect alleged over motorway lights

Union officials have accused Tenerife Cabildo of “neglect” following complaints about motorway bus stop warning lights.

Inter Canaria says it has been complaining since December of 2012 but nothing has been done.

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Cooling systems (Part II)

The cooling system in your car has a lot of essential components.

The pump sends the fluid into the engine block, where it makes its way through passages in the engine around the cylinders.

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Diabetes is no barrier for determined Diego

Having diabetes, even at a young age, does not have to preclude sport as a young Tenerife boy has shown.

Diego Ambrosio Fuster from Granadilla, who is nine, was diagnosed with the condition when just three years of age.

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“Cave dweller” faces heritage prosecution

An El Hierro “resident” is facing prosecution for making a cave his home.

The 63-year-old man has apparently being living in the Cuevas del Caracol in La Dehesa but could be taken to court for a crime against heritage.

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Swift action prevents fire spread

The timely intervention of the special fire-fighting squad Brifor and the police meant two fires in Icod de los Vinos were brought under control quickly.

Both happened in the higher zones of the municipality, one near the tourist attraction of the Cueva del Viento or “Cave of the Winds”. A member of staff working in the visitor centre alerted the local police in the mid-afternoon [...]

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Show jumping delights as Arona hosts tournament

Show jumping of the highest quality was enjoyed by hundreds of people in Arona.
Sports councillor, Marcos Afonso said the council had been absolutely delighted to welcome the “XX Cam-peonato de Canarias de Salto 2014 Arona Playa de Las Américas” over a three day period which included evening competition to take advantage of the cooler weather.

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