A sad but fond farewall to Lucy a very special cat

Lucy was undoubtedly one of Los Gigantes most endearingly  favourite feline pets.

Originally, she was a street cat but she turned heads and hearts and  ‘adopted’ The Bamboo, the village’s oldest bar, as her home.

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Spain still has 4.3m unemployed but figure is dropping

The number of unemployed people in Spain continues to fall, with a decrease of 118,923 recorded in April.

This is the largest fall in a month of April since records began. In the last seven years, recorded unemployment in April has fallen by an average of over 25,000.

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New art space features first exhibition

San Isidro has a new art gallery space and its inauguration coincides with a new exhibition.

Visitors to the cultural centre in the heart of the town can admire works by students of the municipal school of painting until June 2nd.

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Woman dies in motorcycle plunge

A woman has lost her life in a  motorcycle accident in Tenerife.

The tragedy happened just before 10pm on May 12th on the Punta Prieta a La Medida road in the municipality of Guimar.

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How much should we drink?

To stay healthy, it’s important to replace the fluid we lose when we breathe, sweat or urinate.

We get some fluid from our food but most comes from drinks.

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Santa Cruz to tempt national sports teams for training

A major new campaign has been launched in Santa Cruz to attract more sports tourism.

The city council, through its development association, wants to promote the merits of the capital for team training and big sporting events. One of the targets is water polo at national level.

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Beach handball in Los Cristianos

Beach handball came to the water-front of Los Cristianos, providing youngsters with a chance to try a new sport and a great spectacle for onlookers.

The first tournament of the season was held on the main beach and involved various categories for boys and girls. The rules were basically the same as on the courts with some slight differences.

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Woman rescued from ocean

A woman aged 55 was rescued from the sea off the beach of Las Teresitas in the municipality of Santa Cruz.

The alert was raised after she showed signs of distress and could not get out of the water.

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Fake bags and watches seized at port

A 42-year-old man was caught red-handed trying to accept a package containing 260,000 euros worth of fake brand handbags and watches.

Police were keeping watch after the parcel arrived for collection at the port of Las Palmas on Gran Canaria.

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Live Arico Pets Animal Welfare Supporters

Dog of the Week – Tim, a Special Case

We are making a special appeal this week on behalf of Tim, a 7 year old German Shepherd cross. He came to us via the police of San Miguel with terrible injuries to his paws which we cannot explain. He was quite possibly mistreated….. Because of these injuries he cannot go to the refuge so he needs [...]

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