Pigeon club honoured with La Orotava’s top accolade

A 50-year-old club in La Orotava has been praised and honoured for helping to keep the traditional sport of pigeon racing alive.

Club Colombófilo was presented with the municipality’s highest honour, the gold medal, in recognition of its work.

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Have a restful night with ten top tips

Simple lifestyle changes can make a world of difference to your quality of sleep.

Following these tips from The Sleep Council which can help you have a more restful night.

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Stop spreading false alarm, warns Ashotel

Business owners in parts of south Tenerife have been accused of generating false alarms about security in the tourist zones.

The employers’ association, Ashotel says the official statistics show that crime relating to robberies and thefts in these areas has actually decreased and is not getting worse.

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How to achieve harmony (Part II)

A quiet place to go

Pets should always have a quiet, safe place to go to whenever they need to rest. This will be especially important to them once the baby arrives and eventually begins to toddle about. Dogs will need to be given their own space.

Teach your dog to go to a place that makes the dog feel safe and happy (eg a bed in [...]

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The Expat survey 2015 is live

Get involved today for your chance to win  £2000 cash prize, along with Amazon and Lebara vouchers.

3.2% of the world’s population can be considered expatriates, but how much do we really know about this quarter billion? Aiding in our research, by completing our 3-part research programme, can get this significant population better understood.

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Santa Cruz announces major crackdown on fire vandalism

A major campaign is to be launched in Santa Cruz to crackdown on vandals who are homing in on rubbish containers and setting them on fire.

The city council says it is absolutely fed-up with the continued acts which are causing damage, potential danger to properties and cars in the areas under target and a financial loss.

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Baby dies after eating ant poison

A baby of 17 months died after accidentally digesting ant poison.

The parents are currently being investigated to find out how the toddler got hold of the substance though it was believed to be a tragic accident.

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Flying the flags for traditional crafts

La Palma is continuing to fly the flag for traditional crafts on the island.

As part of an ongoing project, the Cabildo has reopened a point of sale and exhibitions at the Insular School of Villa de Mazo.

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Pets’ cemetery for La Laguna

La Laguna is likely to be the first place in the Canary Islands to have a dedicated pets’ cemetery.

The only other similar facility is in Madrid but all this will change if plans come to fruition.

The Spanish newspaper El Dia has reported that a plot of land of 6,000 square metres has been allocated in calle la Cañada (on the road to La Esperanza) [...]

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Paragliding death renews concern

Grave concern is being expressed about the number of paragliding accidents which are happening in the Canary Islands.

Tenerife and Lanzarote are said to be leading the way in the table of statistics which were added to last week with the death of a 40-year-old French man.

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