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Torrito is Tired of Waiting for You…

Poor Torrito. He has been with us many many years now and is always looked over for the younger cuter ones. It is such a shame as he is a fantastic dog and just needs the chance to prove that. He is only small, seven years old and no trouble at all. He will come to you completely health [...]

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A sea of sensations for health, beauty and wellness




A fantastic new spa has opened in La Laguna, offering a wonderful opportunity for relaxation and pampering.

This is the municipality’s first urban spa and is situated in the city’s historic centre, within the four star Hotel Laguna Nivaria.

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Sponsorship pledge for Canary wrestling club

Granadilla council has pledged its commitment to Canary wrestling.

The sports department has pledged 38,000 euros in sponsorship after signing an agreement with Club de Lucha Canaria San Isidro.

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Fire in abandoned ship

A thick column of smoke was visible from the bay of Gran Canaria’s capital as firemen battled to control a blaze in a derelict boat.

The fire broke out in the abandoned ship because of an accumulation of rubbish and took the fire brigade several hours to contain. At one stage, they thought they had put it out but the flames reignited and after working on [...]

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Angry parents protest outside council offices

Angry parents and staff have been demonstrating in the streets of Tacoronte to protest about the closure of a municipal nursery.

About 50 protestors gathered in front of the council offices waving banners to demand the reopening of “La Bombillita Feliz”.

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Tenerife is safe place to holiday, says Cabildo president

President of Tenerife Cabildo, Carlos Alonso has issued an assurance that the island is a safe place to take a holiday.

Following the recent incident when British boxer, Kell Brook suffered knife wounds in Golf del Sur, Sr. Alonso said there was “no alarm” in the UK.

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Do you have “restless legs”?

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a fairly common condition that causes uncomfortable sensations in the legs and is related to an imbalance of the brain chemical dopamine.

It causes an overwhelming, irresistible urge to move the legs, and occasionally the arms. It also causes an unpleasant feeling in the feet, calves and thighs, which is often felt as a crawling or creeping sensation. The sensation [...]

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Second man killed by huge branch causes concern in capital

A strange phenomenon of falling trees has claimed another life in the centre of Madrid after a huge branch crashed onto a 72-year-old pedestrian and cracked his skull.

This was the second death just weeks apart and so far, at least 20 cases of falling branches have been reported in the city which has more than two million trees.

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Artist donates stunning Easter painting

An acclaimed artist from Gran Canaria has donated a painting inspired by Easter to Guia de Isora.

Pepe Dámaso had planned to give the four-part polyptych last year but has been ill so the presentation was postponed.

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Restaurant fire

A fire which broke out in a restaurant in Candelaria was dealt with by the fire brigade from Santa Cruz.

They were called out to deal with the emergency at the property in the area of Las Cuevecitas.

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