|Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Work continues to free up coastal area of Los Cristianos 

Arona continues with the process of progressive recovery of public space on the coast of Los Cristianos, specifically in the area of Los Tarajales.
A few months ago, the council completely regenera-ted the so-called Chalet de los Peña and undertook the demolition of the Casa de los Soprani. In the coming weeks, it will proceed to the demolition of the Casa de los Bethencourt.
This property was becoming a health hazard and was denounced by residents and businesses of the area. It also prevented access to the sea.
“All this in an area of great potential in which the works of the first phase of the renovation of the promenade are being executed and which will become a great public recreational space of high level,” said a council spokesman.
The intention of the Town Hall of Arona is to recover the whole of the public space of the coast of the municipality. In Los Cristianos, this involves the complete modernisation of the Los Tarajales promenade, the recovery of the beach that was once in that location and the generation of new services in places such as the Chalet de los Peña itself, so that it takes full advantage of the potential offered by the place for both residents and visitors.
The demolition of the Casa los Bethencourt will not only free the public space of the coast but will allow the reform of the park that is annexed in the upper area and create a direct access to the sea.
The Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena stressed that “the recovery of the public space of the coast in this area of Los Cristianos is a process that is already underway, with the reform of the Paseo de Los Tarajales, the regeneration of the Chalet de los Peña, the demolition of the Casa de los Bethencourt. and the Casa de los Soprani and other mea-sures that will be taken to recover one of the most valuable places and with the greatest potential of Los Cristianos.”
“Not only are we working in Los Cristianos,” he added, “but a similar process will be carried out in Las Galletas, where steps are already being taken to fully reform the promenade and the recovery of the great beach.”
Councillor for the environ-ment, José Luis Gómez, explained that “this area of Los Cristianos, despite its enormous potential, has been abandoned for many years, hence the different actions that have been carried out and we will continue to recover it in an integral way and offer an attractive and modern space.”
Councilman Leopoldo Díaz Oda, has ensured that “with this work Los Cristianos recovers a more public space in one of the areas that have traditionally been more aban-doned, despite the importance it has and can have in the coming years for the town with the creation of a large public recreational and high level.”