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Granadilla honours its sporting greats 

It was a great night for Granadilla sport on Saturday, March 30th with the celebration of the II Granadilla de Abona Sports Gala in the auditorium of the San Isidro Civic Space (SIEC).
More than 60 clubs, groups and athletes of the municipality in the period 2018-2019 received an award from the Mayor, José Domingo Regalado; the first deputy mayor, Marcos González and the councillor of sports, Sara Cano.
One of the most moving moments was the recognition made to Tony Ayala, who was until a little over a year ago coach of the UD Granadilla Egatesa., Tony acknowledged to be nervous about the homage he paid to his people but got a standing ovation. He also received an award from UD Granadilla Egatesa, which was collected by its president, Sergio Batista; in addition to the distinction made to the two-time world outdoor track athlete, Gabriel Pedroso Ferrer.
The winners in this second edition of the sport gala were: Kick Boxing-Mar Rodríguez (best mixed club); Adoney Rhythmic Gymnastics (best female club);  Lucha de brazo-Teide Su (best male club); María Morales Navarro, windsurf world champion in junior category (best female individual athlete) and Cecilio Ruiz Rodríguez, champion of the Canary Islands mini GP 110 automatic (best male individual athlete).
Sara Cano congratulated each of the athletes of the different modalities, their families and each and every one of those who make it possible for the sport of Granadilla de Abona to be at the top.
First deputy mayor, Marcos González said that “the sport in Granadilla has done, is doing and will make history.” He thanked those who compete and are in the front line and those who are behind; besides making a brief sports review for each of the population centres.
The Mayor, closed the ceremony stressing the importance of looking after all the athletes, Granadilla by birth or adoption, saying: “The thousands of people who practise any sport and more than 60 clubs that Granadilla de Abona has, are what make the people great.”
More than 60 recognitions were made to the following clubs: in football, sports clubs Aguabuey Granadilla, Raqui San Isidro, Charco del Pino, South Tenerife Area, Her-manos Pedro Galactica, Chiñama and Medano Sports Union, Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma Foundation and Esmugran. In football: CD. Charcay, FS Chimiche, CD Granasur Acojeja, UD El Porve Granasur and CFS Chimisur 89.
In athletics-triathlon: CD Trimédano, C. Athletics Runners Casa Fito, and CD Espíritu Triabona, Triteide Spiridom and Guaimán Athletics. In cycling, CD Chaveña. An award also went to Club Colombófilo Abona Sur. In hunting, Society of Hunters Abona-Granadilla. In martial arts, Kendo Rio Shin Kai Tenerife, CD Taebek, CD Mar Rodríguez Nitsuga, Kaizen Karate Club, Yafana Granadilla, CD Jiujitsu Sempay, CD Royzen (Cray Maga) and CD Kyokushin karate Granadilla. In domino, Domino El Cuadrito. In the equestrian modality,  Eques-trian Association of Granadilla. In arm wrestling, for the South Teide Arm Fight Club. In padel, Top Padel Granadilla; in rugby, CD Boatmen del Médano; in baseball and softball, CD Panteras de Granadilla and CD Aguiluchos de Tenerife, and in sport fishing, La Perla Roja club.
In motor sports, Adacates Club; Escudería Atogo, CD Ramón and Roberto Sport, Bepay Sport, Rate Sport, Dagosyera Competition and Granabona Rallye Sport. In mountain clubs: Grupo Montañero Granadilla and AD Gran-aventura. In native sports: C.D Mencey Atxona (Canarian wrestling), School of Play of Palo de Abona, C.D. Los Verdugos (Canarian ball) and Fight Club San Isidro (Pollito de la Barriada). In nautical clubs: C.D. Argonauts del Médano (canoeing), C.D. Outrigger Atlantis and Club Diving Pleamar diving. In basketball, the Granadilla Club. In volleyball, CV Rehagram. In rhythmic gymnastics, C. Adoney rhyth-mic gymnastics and C. Gran-asport-Acroflyer gymnas-tics. In badminton, Badminton Badsur Granadilla CD, and in table tennis, CD Grateme. Recognition was also given to two collaborating companies: Molino de Gofio de Granadilla and Deportes Salud.