|Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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Financial help is “dire” for elderly in Canaries 

Thousands of elderly people in need are living in  the Canary Islands without receiving any financial aid, a new report has revealed.
The archipelago is the second autonomous community with the highest proportion of dependents who do not receive any benefit, with 29.27 per cent. This is only exceeded by Catalonia, with 32.64%, according to the report prepared by the Business Circle of Attention to People, CEAPs.
The study highlights the disparate situation of aid to dependent people in each community and denounces that the differences between autonomies in the application of the Law of Dependency “are becoming worse”.
The report, entitled “The chaos of dependency”, shows the divergences in GDP spending in this sector, ranging from 1% in Cantabria to 0.33% in the Balearic Islands, with a Spanish average of 0.54% , far from the European 2 per cent.
Cantabria is also the community that spends more by dependent, 8,645 euros, followed by the Basque Country (8,458 euros), while Andalusia and Murcia are in the bottom of the list, with 5,324 euros and 5,731 euros respectively.
According to the report, Andalusia and Murcia would be the best communities to be recognised as a dependent, with more than double the chances of obtaining this recognition in the Valencian Community or the Canary Islands.
CEAPs says previous cuts should be reversed “urgently” to help the 250,000 people recognised as dependents who do not receive benefits and the creation of a “Ministry of the Elderly”.