|Thursday, June 4, 2020
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Spanish football clubs get the pip with sunflower seeds! 

A Spanish football club is going nuts as it aims to get to grips with a massive problem affecting stadiums across the country – fans’ obsession with eating sunflower seeds!
La Liga stars Real Sociedad is just one of the clubs plagued by a mountain of discarded husks, known in Spain as pipas, as supporters munch their way through an estimated three tons of the tasty snacks each season in their home ground alone. And this figure soars to 100 tons when all the clubs across Spain are entered into the equation!
Volunteers spend hours tidying up after time is called and the shells eventually end up in landfill sites.
Now, Real Sociedad is taking the lead in a unique recycling programme which will eventually see every supporter issued with a biodegradable cardboard container in which to put their husks rather than throwing them on the floor.
Local green group Gipuz-koako Baratzetara has teamed up with the club after devising the idea of turning the empty sunflower shells into fertiliser to be used in the gardens of Kutxa Ekogunea in Gipuzkoa.
A spokesman for the football club said: “We are giving fans a biodegradable orange container to deposit their husks during the game. After the matches, fans can put them into containers of the same colour. Later, they will be mixed with fresh residues from the orchards in compost piles and after a process of between nine and 12 months they will be converted into sacks of fertiliser for the land of Gipuzkoa.!
The project started in the upper ring of the stadium for two games with “outstanding results” and then extended to two home games. It will then continue in phases until the whole stadium is covered.
Real Sociedad says it hopes to set an example to other football clubs and society in general.