|Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Puerto Carnival puts women’s safety in the spotlight 

Women visiting Puerto de la Cruz for the annual carnival are being assured of safety and advice under a new initiative.
The Department of Equality of Puerto council and the Municipal Centre for Women have launched an information and advice initiative for all those women who require immediate attention or guidance on how to act in the face of cases of sexual violence.
For this, several secure information points called “Violet Points” will be installed on March 8th and 9th from 10am to 5pm.
The general objective of the project is to prevent acts of sexual violence against women and girls, both in public and private spaces.
“We hope this will con-tribute to society being aware and showing its rejection towards sexual violence,” explained equality councillor Diana Mora.
The ‘Violet Points’ offer information, prevention, counselling and accompa-niment for people who require it, with informative material prepared for this purpose, coordinated by a professional specialist in sexual violence. In addition, it will have hired and volunteer personnel assigned to the programme, previously trained and specialised in the subject. They will have enabled a phone number and WhatsApp of help and attention, 687-394-417, available 24 hours.
Likewise, the action will be complemented with small training and information actions aimed at the different groups linked to the parties and events such as taxi drivers, drivers of buses, traders and staff of the vending bars for drinks and meals. This training aims to raise awareness among those who receive it that “its implication is necessary to eradicate gender violence”. Those who receive this training will be “awarded the ‘Safe Space for Women’ badge, which assumes the commitment to provide the necessary help in case of detecting or witnessing an act that implies gender violence,” said Diana Mora.
“In short, we hope that 100% of women who attend the Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz, have a safe and easily accessible space, in which they can be served in case of being in a situation of sexual violence, in addition that the simple presence of the violet point can serve as a brake for those aggressors who use leisure spaces to carry out sexual violence, “ she added.