|Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Police seize cocaine destined for the UK 

Police in Spain have discovered a stash of 400 kilograms of cocaine waiting to be smuggled into the UK.
The drugs were found in a warehouse in the Corredor del Henares district of Madrid.
It is believed to have been brought into Spain through the coasts of Galicia by an organised gang and then moved to Madrid in a lorry. The stash was then hidden in an industrial building to await the “right time” to take it to Britain.
Police say most of the cocaine blocks were stamped with a huge “M” logo whilst the rest were written by hand.
“These packages were altered by the organisation itself, since it is very rare that this type of content is intervened with the logo drawn on it,” said a police spokesman.
Further details have yet to be revealed but the investigation remains open and arrests are expected.
The spokesman confirmed the cocaine was specifically for the British market.