|Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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New “Mayor” to address nightlife issues in Tenerife? 

A Spanish organisation which aims to control nightlife so it does not present a nuisance to holidaymakers is proposing the new role of “Mayor of the night” and Tenerife could well be one of the first to adopt it.
The sector of Night Leisure in Spain has been proposing for several years the implementation of this figure, an idea which will be addressed in the framework of the First Nightlife Nightlife Congress to be held at the Hard Rock Hotel of Tenerife on March 27th and 28th.
“We are talking about a figure that is increasingly widespread in destinations such as Amsterdam, Zurich, Berlin, New York, Tokyo or Paris, and that reconciles the development of business activity with local rest and respect for administrations,” said a spokesman.
There is already a world president of mayors of the night, Mirik Milan, who was also the first mayor of the world night in Amsterdam.
“Our wish is to enter this international circuit, taking as an example the success of this figure in the Dutch capital where it has been possible to get more out of nightlife as a tourist attraction, applying in all the establishments a series of protocols of good practice agreed with all the actors involved,” the spokesman added.
“The problem is that the traditional mayor can not be operational 24 hours and that is why the role of this figure that we propose to implement is so important. It is a figure without authority or executive power, but of great help for the mayor or mayor of the city when it comes to addressing problems that are associated with the sector such as the bottle parties, noise, incivility, alcohol consumption between minors and so on.”