|Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Exhibition captures images of Santa Cruz Carnival 

The Art Centre La Recova in Santa Cruz is host ing a pictorial exhibition about the city’s famous Carnival.
The exhibition, which can be visited until March 15th, consists of more than 30 works made with various techniques.
The mayor of Santa Cruz, José Manuel Bermúdez, and the third deputy mayor and councillor of culture, José Carlos Acha, inaugurated the collective exhibition of painting entitled ‘El Carnaval chicha-rrero’ in Room L of the La Recova Art Centre. Both the mayor and the councillor referred to the importance of the festivities, not only in their entertainment aspect but also as an artistic manifestation of the first order.
The exhibition, in which more than 20 artists partici-pate, is composed of almost 40 works of medium format made with numerous techni-ques, including oil on canvas, watercolour and mixed media.
The great majority of painters present figurative creations, although there are also some who abandon conceptual interpretation in favour of abstract art. Colour and originality are aspects that characterise this exhibition, curated by Joaquín Castro San Luis.
The complete list of artists who show their creations are: Miguel González, Julio Padrón, Dámaso Carrillo, Toba, Celestino Mesa, Catalina Moldovanu, Ana García Ramos, Eugenio Díaz, Velina Ivanova, Jaime Graham, Merche Aparicio, Ciro Romero, Tatiana Ivanova , Florentina Perez, Felipe Torres, Alfonso Ara-quistain, Eduardo Yanes, Conrado Diaz, Aida Diaz, Angela de la Garma, Malena Rivero, Febles Orchid, Jorge Pérez Rodríguez, Julio César Ossorio, Francisco Olivos, Yvonne Moré, Nayra Expósito, Eduardo Hodgson and Luis Zárate.