|Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Erwin’s progresive change 

Erwin arrived at K9 in September 2016.  My first time meeting him was about 8 months ago and at first, he was very nervous and shy. He was a bit curious but would not let me get too close.  Our first walk was not the most enjoyable for him as he was constantly watching me and his tail remained down. He could not wait to get back to his kennel, where he felt safe and secure. To be honest I felt a little sad for him and thought what could have happened to him to make him so nervous of new people. He stayed in my mind after that.
Fast forward a few weeks, and he became so friendly towards me, to the point where he jumped up and down with excitement when he saw me. He let me kiss and cuddle him, and was so relaxed and happy on our walks together. I then began working at K9 a few weeks later and he began to trust me more, but I do think the fact I also brought him his food every day, did help!
When Erwin is excited, it is one of the happiest and sweetest moments to embrace. He really shows his love for you and everyone needs to experience it.
Erwin is a very friendly, sweet and loving boy who just needs to be given a second chance of a caring home. Once Erwin gets to know you, he is a brilliant dog. He can be walked on and off lead and always comes back when you call him. He is at K9 nearly 3 years now and unfortunately for him, has been overlooked by a lot of visitors looking to rehome a dog.
All the workers and volunteers at K9, who have gotten to know him, adore him and he is a favourite amongst all of us.
Erwin is 4 years old, which means he has spent most of his younger days in the shelter. He seems to be quite good with most dogs. It is just people who have let him down, making him nervous and fearful at first. If you take the time and get to know him, he will fill your life with such joy and happiness.
You can meet him at K9! You can call us on 667638468 to meet him, and all our other dogs we have.