|Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Court lifts secrecy order to reveal extent of Canary cocaine gang 

The Tax Agency, Civil Guard and National Police have dismantled, with the arrest of 17 people, a criminal organisation that manufactured and trafficked drugs in the Canary Islands in an operation that has involved three years of investigations.
In this intervention, called “Heisenberg amphetamines”,  they have seized more than 13 kilos of cocaine, ecstasy, cutting substances and 48,000 euros in cash.
The operation began in 2014, when Customs officials of the Canary Islands Tax Agency began to detect small postal items that contained chemical-pharmaceutical products, such as ephedrine, a substance commonly used to cut or prepare narcotics and other drugs.
As a result, in November 2016, officials of Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency intercepted a kilo of phen-ylethylamine hydrochloride, a shipment addressed to one of the links of the chain of the organisation. He was kept under surveillance, despite the extreme security measures that he took to hide his activities.
When it was confirmed that the band had connections in Tenerife, the National Police began to intervene in the investigations.
The joint work of the three bodies allowed, over time, identifyication of different suppliers and recipients of cocaine trafficking, which resulted in successive arrests of people who introduced this substance in Tenerife by “mules.”
In 2017 two people of Ve-nezuelan origin who travelled from South America to Tenerife North on a flight from Casablanca (Morocco) were stopped in Puerto de la Cruz with three suitcases with more than two kilos net of cocaine hidden inside. .
The arrests continued in 2018, a  year crucial for the total dismantling of the network, since in March a person of Colombian origin was arrested in the port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, who travelled from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with almost three kilos and a half of cocaine.
The following month, three other people were also intercepted at the dock in Santa Cruz de Tenerife from a tourist cruise that had left Brazil. They had six kilos of cocaine.
A few weeks later another person with more than one kilogram of cocaine and 12,000 euros in cash was stopped in Tenerife.
The operation continued until January, when the court in charge of the case lifted the secrecy of summary, which meant its completion, with the intervention of 13,412 grams of cocaine, 572 grams of ecstasy, 1,786 grams of hashish, 4,424 grams of cutting substances and 43,817 euros, plus the arrest of 17 people, including members of the organisation and the couriers of the drug.