|Friday, August 23, 2019
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Benidorm has “just one policeman per 12,500 people on the streets at night” 

The safety of tourists in Benidorm is being put at risk with just one policeman on duty at night for every 12,500 people, furious politicians have claimed.
They say the lack of officers on the street at night is “seriously affecting” the security of the tourist hotspot which is still a firm favourite with hundreds of thousands of Brits despite declining numbers.
Socialist spokesman, Ruben Martinez has slammed the situation as “alarming” and wants urgent action.
“Benidorm cannot afford to have these staff problems in the Local Police. It is a real shame that a tourist des-tination such as Benidorm, which should have as one of its fundamental pillars the security of both its residents and visitors, is in this alarming situation,” he said.
Blaming the local govern-ment team for “negligence and neglect”, he said there were shifts of the local police in which only a dozen agents were on duty on the streets of a city with 67,558 registered inhabitants “but at no time of the year has less than 150,000 people because of the tourists we receive.”
Socialists claim that in the morning shift there are 25 police on the street or 20 in the afternoon but at night there is only one policeman for every 12,500 people.
The group claims that security has been increased in some areas where it was not needed but not in the key tourist zones. They also allege that every time the council has tried to recruit a policeman in the last four years, it has been “plagued errors or con-troversy.”