|Monday, August 26, 2019
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Asphalting roads is not enough, says Arona council 

Arona council is calling for urgent action on traffic blackspots, such as the junction of the road leading to the El Palmar roundabout which meets the road coming from Costa Silencio/Las Galletas.
The authority is telling Tenerife Cabildo that priority on the TF-652 road is the round-about and the pedestrian, not only the asphalt.
The council says it is grateful for the visit made to the municipality by the insular director of roads and landscapes, Ofelia Manjón, in which he promised the asphalting of the TF-652 and TF-653 but the corporation says priorities should be to deal with blackspots such as the Chayofa roundabout, the heavy vehicle lane of the TF-66, between Guaza and Buzanada, the modifications in the Los Cristianos roundabout and the Guaza crossing, among others.
Deputy Mayor and coun-cillor for the environment,  José Luis Gómez said the municipality “has transmitted on numerous occasions to the Cabildo and, in particular, to the insular director how important it is for the residents of the area of Las Galletas-Palm Mar-Guargacho have an adequate connection at the intersection of both roads, as well as the connection of a pedestrian bridge that allows citizens to travel the area without any danger, he added.
“Paving the roads is fine but does not go beyond the duty of conservation of roads that the Cabildo has,” he continued. “What is really important is that they not only patch areas of the municipality, but also implement projects and works that are really key, such as the roundabout between the TF-652 and Tf-653, the pedestrian zone or the expropriation, the project and the tender of the Finca Don Virgilio road to provide Las Galletas with an adequate access road and to give a definitive boost to the reform of the promenade.”