|Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Arona to offer help with addictions 

Arona has launched its first municipal plan to help people with addictions to mobile phones, social networks or gambling.
The Mayor, José Julián Mena, accompanied by edu-cation councillor, Leopoldo Díaz Oda,  presented the IV Municipal Plan of Addictions 2019-2022 before the Municipal Commission. For the first time, this programme will take into account behavioural addictions, such as the abusive use of mobile phones, social networks, games of chance or video games.
The meeting was attended by members of the corporation, representatives of the State Security Forces and Teams, management teams and social educators of the IES, professionals of the Canary Islands Health Service , ANTAD, Proyecto Hombre, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Ano-nymous, representatives of futsal, Union Syndicalists, social and technical agents of municipal areas and the Municipal Addiction Unit.
Sr. Mena recalled that “Arona is a pioneer muni-cipality in the Canary Islands both in awareness and prevention work, beginning to intervene in the educational and family environment since 1996 and approving in 1999 its first municipal plan of drug addiction. However, the social reality has led us to include in this seemingly harmless habits that can become addictive and that pose a real problem for many people and families, such as internet addictions, mobile phones, video games or gambling, without forgetting the effects of drugs on driving, which is the aim of the workshops we have started in all the driving schools of Arona.”
The council says the ddictions included in this municipal plan represent “a complex reality that must be understood as the interaction of multiple factors”.
“Addictions to the internet and mobile phone arise when recreational users neglect their daily routines to stay connected or withdraw hours of sleep, academic and work performance or neglect food, among other behaviours,” a spokesman explained.
The plan will include a series of workshops and works in schools and youth centres.