|Friday, May 24, 2019
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Santa Cruz to develop an app to promote exercise 

Santa Cruz council has unanimously supported an initiative to promote the use by the population of the sporting and leisure spaces that the city has in order to promote physical exercise and the good habits associated with sports.

The agreement, which had the unanimous support of the political groups, urges making the sports spaces of the city more visible for the use and enjoyment of local people, providing in each case the precise technical information on the part of qualified personnel, so that the physical exercise is in accordance with the conditions of each user.

Councillor for sports, Verónica Meseguer shared the philosophy of the initiative that coincides with the policy followed by her department, which is already working on the implementation of an intelligent technological application (app), in which residents can consult the offer of public spaces available for physical exercise.

This application will also detail the characteristics and conditions of each and every one of these sports en-vironments, as well as the resources available in each of them.

Verónica Meseguer argued that “in our society, fortunately every day there is more demand for spaces for sports or healthy practices, which are not an exclusive space for athletes, but a citizenship that takes care of itself and wants more quality of life.”