|Monday, August 26, 2019
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Local council furious with TITSA for changing bus services 

Tenerife’s bus company TITSA may have improved many of the bus services on the island but it has left a sour note with one local council.

In fact, the local government team in San Juan de la Rambla is calling on the corporation to reinstate the previous bus services, claiming the changes made recently have left some areas “without service, hinder mobility and delay travel times.”

The council is requesting TITSA to restore the itineraries and frequencies of the bus lines that pass through the municipality, adding a series of improvements that would optimise the service and provide a solution to the mobility problems that residents face on a daily basis.

This was decided at a neighbourhood meeting at which the Mayor Fidela Velázquez committed to transfer to the transport company all the requests made by the attendees.

Among the drawbacks most noted by residents during the meeting was the need now to make several bus changes on a journey which used to be possible on one, the increase of time needed to travel, the change in the schedules and that the recent modification in the lines has caused the urban nuclei to remain without service.

In order to eradicate the aforementioned setbacks, the Mayor’s Office will forward a report to TITSA, which includes the express request that, among other measures, it recovers the previous trajectory of line 354, adding to its transit the request to circulate on the general highway of San José in all hours of use, that the 364 provide service every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday, that the 363 return to provide the service according to the route before the change and that lines 106, 107 and 108 respect the usual route. Similarly, the Mayor, on behalf of the residents, will request the provision of new stops more useful given the routes and needs of passengers, the improvement of others that are in an inadequate state and the provision of more lines that facilitate the use of public transport in the population centres furthest away from the commercial area.

“Many of our residents depend on public transport every day. The buses must facilitate mobility, not be a half full of obstacles. We only ask that we return the service as we deserve, not that we are treated as second-class citizens, “says Fidela Velazquez. “We are confident that TITSA will reconsider its modification in transportation which only benefits the company itself, mistreating the north with a new form of isolation”.