|Friday, May 24, 2019
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Las Galletas slams Canary Government for health centre stalemate 

The Canary Government has been told to “stop looking the other way” and provide Las Galletas with a new, modern health centre once and for all.

Arona council says it has already suggested sites and has been willing to gift land so that the facility can become a reality. It is even paying the rent of the temporary health centre to make sure residents don’t suffer an unprecedented situation given it is the Canary Government which should be responsible.

Now, three possible pieces of land are being forwarded to the Canary Government following Arona’s search for suitable sites and discussions with landowners who would be willing to negotiate.

The location of these buildings and all the actions carried out by Arona council were communicated by the Mayor, José Julián Mena, to members of the Las Galletas Residents’ Association, to whom he transmitted the municipality’s intention to seek Government’s involvement in complying with Arona regard-ing health infrastructure.

Councillor for environment, José Luis Gómez, said: “It’s necessary that the Government of the Canary Islands stop looking the other way and really show if it intends to provide service to the residents of Las Gallets. We already have at their disposal the land and the necessary facilities, but now is the time to see how committed the Canary Government is to this town and this municipality.”

The Mayor recalled that “we do not want the same to happen as with the Hospital del Sur or the health centre of Los Cristianos, where the Government of the Canary Islands has been lent land for more than a decade to build new facilities, but not moved a stone, which is something similar to what is happening in Las Galletas, where the office is kept open thanks to Arona council, something that should not happen anywhere else.”