|Monday, August 26, 2019
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La Laguna plans its tourism future 

La Laguna is planning a new tourism strategy as its appeal to visitors continues to grow, as does the demand for accommodation.

The first deputy mayor and councillor of tourism, Candelaria Diaz met with representatives of the municipal groups to present the conclusions of the diagnosis developed within the project called The Tourism Strategy of San Cristobal de La Laguna, conducted under the direction of the Chair of Tourism Caja Canarias-Ashotel University of La Laguna.

Candelaria Díaz highlighted the importance of this exhaustive work that will allow the municipality to plan and identify the objectives to be achieved in the field of tourism in a municipality that currently receives 1.2 million excursionists a year and is registering significant growth in the figures of accommodation.

“I regret that only the members of the PSOE and Unidos Se Puede have attended the meeting to address such an important issue, but the presentation of the work has been done with these two groups and they have been informed by the Chair of Tourism of the steps taken,” she said.

The data of the diagnosis revealed that in 2017 more than 55,000 tourists stayed in La Laguna, a record figure that has already been exceeded in 2018, with more than 64,000 people staying in the hotel and non-hotel establishments of the municipality. with data until last November. The analysis also indicates that 1.18 million excursionists visited the municipality in 2017, leaving an average expenditure of 18.8 euros per person, which leads to an annual economic impact that exceeds 20 million euros.