|Friday, July 19, 2019
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First calisthenics park for Valle San Lorenzo 

Arona has started work on the street workout park with calisthenics in the El Almendro recreational area of Valle San Lorenzo.

This public space of the municipality will count in the coming weeks with a street workout circuit with outdoor sports equipment highly demanded by sports and youth associations of Arona, which will serve to promote a healthy lifestyle and advance the modernisation of this recre-ational area.

It will be the first of its kind and which will be followed by similar ones in other areas of the municipality.

Calisthenics is an in-creasingly widespread form of exercise, especially among young people, consisting of outdoor sports practice using different instruments and the weight of one’s body.

The fact that it is practised by hundreds of people and that is increasing, in addition to the shortage of spaces for it in the municipality, has led sports associations and youth of the municipality, such as Calistenia Arona, to ask the council to enable spaces specific for it.

The calisthenics space will be ready in a couple of weeks and will have bars of 1.7 metres in length and 33.7 and 42.4 millimetres in diameter, freestyle bars and monkey bar snake, handrail to make the so-called flag, Swedish wall, high and low parallel bars and vertical poles.

The Mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, explained that “the young people who practise calisthenics in the municipality had transmitted to us the lack of space to exercise it and to meet in suitable facilities with groups from other munici-palities. We started working on it and, as a result, we will have in the coming weeks the first surface prepared for it with these dimensions, which will be followed immediately by others “.

Sr. Mena stressed that “with this surface we give them an alternative for a healthy lifestyle and we encourage the sport and socialisation of young people, as well as starting with the modernisation of El Almendro park itself and providing Valle San Lorenzo with a public space plus”.